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Atlantic Air Combat™ Logos

1. Symbolic Logo

AAC™ symbolic logo is a hollow yellow square on white background with a black arrow pointing up at 45° to the right.  The yellow outline stands for the Atlantic coast lines, the white background (never transparent) stands for the Atlantic ocean, and the arrow represents an aircraft looming up to the skies.
Dimensions Colors
  AAC™ logo 1b

Dimensions are approximated as appropriate to match the following basic design :
- square line width = square height ÷ 9
- shaddow line width = square line width × 0.4


Arrow Dimensions

The arrow with its leg is contained in a square representing 53% of the main yellow square

Shaddow Position

A shaddow line is shown on the left and upper inner sides, and on the right and bottom outer sides of the yellow square. The outer right shaddow line is shorter by the equivalent of its width; this part is thus clear and not white

Arrow Position

The leg of the arrow rests in the bottom left inner corner, masking the shaddow line.  The base of the triangle is exactly posiitoned in the center of the logo as shown here


2. Tile Line

Pending the adoption of a proprietary font (see : 02.101.Font.AAC.Special.htm) various title lines are used.  The particularity of the title line is that the "o" in the word "Combat" is replaced by a representation of the Earth :
  • the logo is circular with a dark grey outline
  • the Earth representation is centered on the Atlantic Ocean, including Artic and Antartic waters
  • the Atlantic Ocean is shown in a clearer blue than others oceans (Pacific and Indian oceans)
  • the land masses are shown in green (RGB: 153,204,153) with a light brown (RGB: 153,153,102) outline depicting coast lines
  • the artic and antartic land masses are shown in white with the same light brown schematic coast line
  • a pale brown band (RGB: 204,204,153) in the African land mass marks the Shara desert




The title line may incorporate the symbolic logo (an improper font is used in this sample: Bauhaus93, modified) :




Atlantic Air Combat™ uses the following favicon, a reduction of our logo :

Favicon 1b