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In order to assemble this game, a lot of preliminary information is being gathered, both technical and historical.   Essentially, the needed information is gathered on the net and a most particular thanks has to be given to those who collectedd and organized this information (including pictures) and/or prepared illustrations of all kinds.   Even if they were not always used in these preliminary notes, they nevertheless were a great inspiration.   So, our special thanks to

For making such a vast array of information available

For providing accurate illustrations, eitheir in their SB or FD format, which helped a lot illustrating both ideas and items.   Probably only to be used within the context of these "private notes" but nevertheless very helpful.  Some additional drawings were prepared largely inspired by the works of various artists on Shipbucket but because of some liberty I took with the SB rules of line drawing, my own creations/adaptations are ot not entitled for uploading.   Should any Shipbucket member wish to seize these drawings and adapt them to their strict rulings, thanks in advance for geting in touch but essentially, please feel free to do so.

For their many details (and thumbnail illustrations) about US Navy ships.   While I finally decided to create my own set of silhouettes (see "Sea Targets") they offered a nice inspiration nevertheless

For their many drawings regarding land vehicles - were great to illustrate the idea of ... land targets

For allowing me to pickup the drawings of the Project 85 Soviet aircraft carrier of 1954 from their Warship Projects Discussion Board 3.0

Special thanks and admiration for the extraordinary data collection work being carried out by Nathan Decker regarding the individual fate, airframe by airframe, of a great variety of airplanes from the 1950s and 1960s   His precise work allowed us to imagine a very documented ... cheat regarding the use of the Supermarine Attacker and the F6U Pirate but these two aircrafts are mere examples

For their many illustrations of color markings - no doubt the artistic work assembled on these pages will be put to good use (i.e.: beyond providing informations useful at this preliminary stage)

Beyond their fabulous collection of graphics, this website holds some very detailed drawings which, again, were helpful in illustrating ideas.   It's one thing to try to imagine using a given aircraft, it's quite another when such aircraft may be vizualized in such a wonderful manner

For assembling data about AirForce and Naval bases in Western Europe

For similar reasons








If we forgot to mention one of our sources of information, please offer us forgiveness - web pages have been visited by the hundreds if not by the thousands, especially for illustrative purposes.   For instance, I can't remember (and couldn't trace back) where I found a proper illustration for a liferaft container to be hung in a bombay but this single illustration was instrumental in devising a couple of potential missions - I wish I could thank this particular website for putting up such a clear image of this particular piece of equipment.   Anyway, feel free to get in touch !






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