Scale drawings used for illustration purposes

In many areas of these pages, drawings are used to either illustrate ideas or items (aircrafts, weapons, ships, ...).   In many instances reference is made to either Shipbucket's SB scale or FD scale.   Please visit www.shipbucket.com to learn more about their extraordinary library.

Regarding the drawings used here, these are either borrowed from their collections (with due reference to their author) or (re)created here for the specific purposes of AAC.   However, while these are drawn along their SB or FD scale or ... closely so, the very strick colour coding used on Shipbucket is not fully adhered to.

Scale 2 This scale is 2 pixels for 1 feet, and is thus equivalent to SB scale with ShipBucket.   On the templates used by Shipbucket, it is however represented by a scale expressed in metres.   The authors and creators of Shipbucket must have had reasons of their own to do so and these are most likely outlined somewhere on their rich website.   Here in the context of AAC, this scale is used in its basic format (thus based on measurments expressed in feet and inches, even if a metric equivalent is also shown below for comfort) for the main purpose of "aircraft thumbnails".  It is de facto used for illustration of ships like aircraft carriers for instance.
Scale 22 This scale is 22 pixels for 1 meter, and is thus a very close equivalent to the FD scale with Shipbucket.   However, as Shipbucket gently reminded me, their FD scale is actually 22.093 pixels for 1 meter.  Might sound a funny number, but it's just a scale, and I cannot press enough the casual AAC reader to visit www.shipbucket.com to discover their outstanding work, far better that whatever is being prepared here.   With AAC, "Scale 22" or "FD scale" are used to illustrate aircrafts, weapons and other details of interest.   When feasible, and notwithstanding the slight difference between our respective scales, some of these illustrations are shown in specific Shipbucket lookalike format (templates).   However, as outlined above, the strict colour coding in force accross Shipbucket's magnificient library is seldom respected.   Hopefully, Shipbucket Members will take no offense.   As a (non contributing) Shipbucket member myself, I should add that any SB Member wishing to borrow drawings prepared by AAC, and update them to full SB standards should feel free to do so.
Templates As mentioned above, besides individual drawings, some are shown on "templates"  clearly inspired by those used with Shipbucket, hence the reference made to their website.  Interrested ?   You'll find the list on this page : Lists

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