The game incorporates various aircrafts, either originating from or used by Nato, Warsaw Pact and Neutral countires.  While there are exceptions, aircrafts essentially belong to an Air Force or to a Navy and theoretically either fly from Air Force Bases (AFB) or Naval Air Stations (NAS) and naturally also from aircraft carriers (AC).   Details about air forces or naval air arms will also be found in Aerial Targets
Most aircrafts are very real but some are ... cheats.   Several didn't go beyond the prototype stage or never left the drawing board, and some were already phased out and are thus "saved" from the graveyard to the benefit of the game.   The purpose of these cheats is to add some fun or to sustain the game scenario (eg: aircrafts associated with fantasy aircraft  carriers).  When appropriate, additional Notes pages are provided to put these cheats into perspective.  Otherwise, there is a Specs page for each aircraft involved.
Whether belonging to a service or another, aircrafts in the game fall into categories and genres.  Worth noting among these categories are the Airliners (read: unarmed civilian aicrafts) which the gamer will be invited to use to transfer from one game spot to another while keeping the simulation fans happy,  and the WWII era airplanes, a genre in itself.
The latter category or "genre" to be more accurate, covers aircrafts still in use in the late fifties and even early sixties.   For example, the presence of P-38L with the Italian Air Force is a time cheat as far as the mid sixties are concerned but the Italian did fly the type for quite a time after WWII, and so did the Argentinians on their aircraft carrier Independencia.  For WWII era fans, the three groups of belligerants in the game boast squadrons so equipped and the W2 genre is a summary of their presence.   Whether belonging to a "genre" or another, the categories are as follows :






Anti Submarine Warfare












Search and Rescue


Transport - Millitary


Plane Guard  / Rescue






Airborne Early Warning


Transport - Airline



Fighters are multipurpose aircrafts with any specific capacities or limitations to be found in individual aircraft details


Neither AEW nor Tanker aircrafts are supposed to be flown by gamers - but these are nevertheless present and play a key role in the game


Attack aircrafts are fighters specialized in air-to-surface missions - this may essentially apply to the role of the aircraft rather than its capacities


ASW and SAR missions are normally covered by the same aircrafts, the two missions being burried into these airframes


Reconnaissance (Recce) aircrafts are supposedly dedicated to this particular mission even if some do keep significant fighting capabilities.


The Rescue mission differs from the SAR mission, and covers both the notions of aerial Plane Guard and Pedro


Military Transport covers the notion of transport in general (either persons or cargo), droppable cargo, and carrier on-board delivery (COD)

Plane Guard : to recover pilots ditching during take-off or landing
Pedro: : to recover pilots having abandonned aircraft in mission

Airliners are civilian passenger transport aircraft which may be used to transit from one area to the other

Like the AEW and TK, PGR aircrafts are not in the hands of the player but flown by the game AI.  But the type is availabled as liaison aircrafts


Liaison or utility aircrafts are light aircrafts (re: light aviation) used in a military role, and thus associated with the notion of "Mission"


Experimental aircrafts cover extreme items like the X-15 or ... space crafts.   Experimental fighters do not fall in this category

These categories should not be read too strictly as an ASW aircraft may very well be loaded with bombs and rockets to be turned it into an "attack" airplane or a reconnaissance aircraft be armed to the point of becoming a very potent fighter.   But airframes are nevertheless categorized as outlined.



Although most of the aircrafts available in the game dates from the late fifties or early sixties and are thus often jet propelled, several countries did - in real life - maintain WW2 era equipment way into the same period (eg: Spain re-manufacturing copies of the Messerchmit Bf109 in ... 1954).   This lead to several cheats where equipment relinquished in the course of the 1950s are ... purposedly maintained in activity.  For the WWII amateurs.
This is only an example, if the major one.   Other genres are listed below, especially for those wishing to use the game in flight simulation rather than combat simulation.   Preliminary lists will be found with the associated pages




Available by default

May be purchased

Prize Aircrafts

In-Game Airplanes

Readily available or automatically made available as one advances in the game

May be acquired as "budget" levels are reached through game successes

Aircrafts obtained when:
reaching a given skills level
meeting mission-related conditions

Theoretically non-flyable aircrafts but nevertheless present in the game (eg: AEW, Tankers)


Aircraft standard(ized) Equiment
While aircrafts vary in shape, size and performance, many share various items of equipment.   AAC being a "combat simulation game", weapons constitute one of these shared items and the subject is adressed specifically.   But there are other shared items of equipment which may be listed in a similar manner and also perhaps standardized.   For instance does it matter (within AAC) that the F-4B was powered by a J79GE8 engine while the F-4J was equipped with a J79GE10 ?  In this context various items of equipment are listed and one their iterations hand picked as an AAC standard.


Radars (see also Aircraft Weapons)




Operable sub-systems (non exhausitve list)
Similarly, various aircraft related equipments are "operable" by the gamer in a manner that needs to be further defined under "Rules Of Engagement".

In-flight items


Landing gear


Refueling probe (retractable)


Engine on/off


Failure/Damage control


No-flight items
Wings folding/unfolding




Refueling probe (retractable)


Engine on/off


Steerable landing gear


Other aircraft items
Ejection seat / Bail out


Yes/No/?? with ATC


Yes/No/?? with AEW






External items
Carrier elevators


Hangar doors


Catapult on aircraft carrier








The aircraft names shown against a blue background are aircraft carrier compatible.  In several instances, carriers are scheduled to operate aircrafts from more than a single country.  Then, in the game, an airplane of either WAPA, NECO or NATO may in fact land on any allied carrier available.  Besides the categories listed above, various abbreviations and color coding are used in the table below.  At this moment, early 2015, the list is neither complete nor representative.   Several references are in excess and some could still be missing.   For example, the Seafire III should be present, at least in TR9 format (re: Irish Air Corp), but the presence of other iterations of this aircraft is questionable.   But as a preliminary document, it's a useful guide about what is "under scrutiny".  With several aircrafts being declined in variants, with each variant belong to another category, this PRIMARY TABLE shows all variants regrouped - in due course it shall be made sortable

ORG country of origin (design)     ID AAC aircraft identification
LIC country of origin (licensed)     Name AAC aircraft name
CAT aircraft category     Name AAC aircraft name when carrier compatible
GR1 aircraft genre     Name AAC aircraft name when of WW2 vintage
GR2 aircraft sub-genre     Name AAC aircraft name when a seaplane
AVA aircraft availability within AAC DEF Default ACQ Purchase PRZ Prize aircrafts AAC In-game
VAR variant of a given design Notes hyperlink to Preliminary Notes
    Data hyperlink to Aircraft Data Sheet
Internal equipment and Armament allows a brief comparison - a more comprehensive database will be prepared later
Engine AAC engine name (piston, truboprop or jet) Guns aircrafts may have more than one kind of guns (forward firing or in turrets)
Radar radar type     Gun1 Gun type 1 - For bombers read : Turret = Tail
IRD Infrared     Gun2 Gun type 2 - For bombers read : Turret = Top
TWR tail warning radar     Gun3 Gun type 3 - For bombers read : Turret = Ventral
Hook arresting hook (not all for carrier operations) Gun3 Gun type 3 - For bombers read : Turret = Nose (or wings:TBM3, SB2C)
ORG LIC TR GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID TRAINERS/PROPELLER Notes Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns3 Guns4
  TR     DEF AT6F Texan Notes Data R1340 = = =   4×7.62mm      
  TR     DEF   SNJ5C Texan Data R1340 = = = V 4×7.62mm      
TR     DEF   KN1F Texan Notes Data R1340 = = =   4×7.62mm      
  TR     DEF T28A Trojan       = = =          
  TR     DEF   T28C Trojan       = = = V        
  TR     DEF Yak11U Moose       = = =          
  TR     DEF Yak18A Mouse       = = =          
  TR     DEF TS8 Bies       = = =          
OR LIC TR GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID TRAINERS/JET Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  TR     DEF CM170 Magister Notes     = = = = 2×7.62mm = = =
  TR     DEF   CM175 Zephyr       = = = V 2×7.62mm = = =
TR     DEF   CM176 Zephyr II       = = = V 2×13.2mm = = =
  TR     DEF HA200 Saeta       = = = = = = = =
  TR     DEF Fo144T Gnat TMK2       = = = = = = = =
  TR     DEF T33A SilverStar       = = = = 4×12.7mm = = =
  TR     ACQ T2V1 SeaStar       = = = V = = = =
  TR     DEF T2J1A Buckeye.T2A       = = = V = = = =
  TR     DEF TS11 Iskra       = = = = = = = =
  TR     DEF G2 Galeb       = = = = = = = =
  TR     DEF MiG15T Midget       = = = = = = = =
  TR     DEF L29 Delphin       = = = = = = = =
OR LIC FF GR1 GR2 AVA Var Aircraft ID FIGHTERS/PROPELLER Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  FF     DEF S361 Spitfire.09FF Notes   MLN66 = = APS13 = 2×20.0mm 4×7.62mm = =
  FR     DEF   S365 Spitfire.09PR   MLN66 = = APS13 = na na = =
  FF     DEF   S359 Spitfire.09SB   MLN66 = = APS13 = 2×20.0mm 4×7.62mm = =
  TF     DEF   S509 Spitfire.09TR   MLN66 = = APS13 = = 4×7.62mm = =
  FF     DEF   S356 Spitfire 24FR   GRF58 = = APS13 = 4×20.0mm = = =
  FF     DEF   S358 Seafire 03FF   MLN66 = = APS13 V 2×20.0mm 4×7.62mm = =
  TF     DEF   S508 Seafire 03TR   MLN66 = = APS13 V = 4×7.62mm = =
  FF     DEF   S474 Seafire 47FR Notes   GRF58 = = APS13 V 4×20.0mm = = =
  FA     DEF FB11 Sea Fury     CEN18 = = APS13 V 4×20.0mm = = =
  FA     ACQ W35S4 Wyvern     Python = = APS13 V 4×20.0mm = = =
  FF     DEF BF109E3 Emil Notes   DB605 = = APS13 = 1×20.0mm 2×7.50mm 2×7.50mm =
  FF     DEF   BF109G6 Gustav   DB605 = = APS13 = 1×20.0mm 2×13.4mm 2×20.0mm =
  FF     DEF   BF109T3 Träger   DB605 = = APS13 V = = = =
FF     DEF   AVIA199 Avia.S199   DB605 = = APS13 = 1×20.0mm 2×13.4mm 2×20.0mm =
FF     DEF   HA1112M Buchon   MLN66 = = APS13 = 2×20.0mm = = =
  FF     DEF S49C Ikarus       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF       J22 FFVS       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF F4U5N Corsair       APS06 = APS13 V = = = =
  FF     DEF F4F8 Wildcat       = = APS13 V = = = =
  FF     DEF   F4F9 Wildcat       = = APS13 V = = = =
  FF     DEF F6F5N Hellcat       APS06 = APS13 V = = = =
  FF     DEF F8F2N Bearcat       APS19 = APS13 V = = = =
  FR     DEF   F8F2P Bearcat       = = APS13 V = = = =
  FF     DEF P38L Lightning       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF P39L Airacobra       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF   P63A Kingcobra       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF P40N Warhawk       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF P47D Thunderbolt       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF P51D Mustang       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF A1D5N Skyraider       APS31 = APS13 = = = = =
  AEW     AAC   AID5W Skyraider       APS20 = APS13 = = = = =
  TM     DEF   A1D5Q Skyraider       = = APS13 = = = = =
  FF     DEF Yak9U Frank       = = APS13 = = = = =
OR LIC FF GR1 GR2 AVA Var Aircraft ID FIGHTERS/JET Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  FF     DEF MD480A Etendard IVA       =   APQ35 V        
  FR     DEF   MD480P Etendard IVP       =   APQ35 V        
  FF     DEF   MD480A Etendard IVZ       =   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ MD450B Ouragan       =   APQ35          
  FF     DEF MD452C Mystere IIC       =   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ MD454A Mystere IVA       =   APQ35          
  FF     DEF MD456B Mystere SMB2       =   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ MD550C Mirage IIIC       CYR   APQ35          
  TF     ACQ   MD550B Mirage IIIB       CYR   APQ35          
  FF     DEF S544F1 Scimitar.F1       =   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ DH110F1 Sea Vixen FAW1       APQ43   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ   DH110F2 Sea Vixen FAW2       APQ43   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ   DH100N SeaVampire.F20       =   APQ35 V        
FA     DEF   DH112B5 Venom.FB5       =   APQ35          
  FF     DEF GL41F8 Meteor F8       =   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ GL51H9 Javelin.FAW9       APQ43   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ Fo141A Grnat Mk1       =   APQ35          
  FF     DEF GL40B2 SeaHawk       ASV19   APQ35          
  FF     DEF HKHNF6 Hunter F6       =   APQ35          
  FA     ACQ B103S1 Buccaneer.SMk1       AR59   APQ35 V        
  FA     ACQ   B103S2 Buccaneer.SMk2       AR59   APQ35 V        
  FA     ACQ   B103S5 Buccaneer.S50       AR59   APQ35 V        
  FA     PRZ HKFGA2 Kestrel Notes     =   APQ35          
  FA     PRZ   HKFGN2 SeaKestrel     ASV19   APQ35          
  FF     DEF EFW20A Aquilon       =   APQ35          
FA     PRZ EFW30A Sperber Notes     =   APQ35          
  FA     DEF FFPA16 =       =   APQ35          
  FF     PRZ IAe33 Pulqui       =   APQ35          
FF     PRZ VJ101E Busardo Notes     ASG14   APQ35          
TF     PRZ   TJ101E Busardo     ASG14   APQ35          
FF     PRZ   VJ101N Busardo     ASG14   APQ35 V        
TF     PRZ   TJ101N Busardo     ASG14   APQ35 V        
  FA     DEF J21RN Gam Notes     ASV19   APQ35 V        
FF     ACQ J23AN Angripare Notes     APQ51   APQ35 V        
  FF     DEF J29 Tunnan       =   APQ35          
  FA     DEF J32 Lansen       PS431   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ J35 Draken       PS3A   APQ35          
  FA     DEF F9F2B Panther       =   APQ35 V        
  FR     DEF   F9F2P Panther       =   APQ35 V        
  FA     DEF F9F8J Cougar       =   APQ35 V        
  TF     DEF   F9F8T Cougar       =   APQ35 V        
  FR     DEF   F9F8P Cougar       =   APQ35 V        
  FF     DEF F4D1 Skyray       APQ50   APQ35 V        
  FA     DEF F7U4 Cutlass Notes     APQ51   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ F8U1C Crusader       APQ50   APQ35 V        
  FR     ACQ   F8U1P Crusader       APQ50   APQ35 V        
FF     DEF F1H1C Phantom Notes     APS19   APQ35 V        
FR     DEF   F1H1P Phantom     =   APQ35 V        
  FF     DEF F2H3 Banshee       APS19   APQ35 V        
  FR     DEF   F2H2P Banshee       =   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ F3H2M Demon       APQ51   APQ35 V        
  FA     ACQ A4D3 Skyhawk       =   APQ35 V        
FF     DEF F6U2C Pirate Notes     =   APQ35 V        
FR     DEF   F6U2P Pirate     =   APQ35 V        
FF     DEF   F1J1C Fury Notes     =   APQ35 V        
FR     DEF   F1J1P Fury     =   APQ35 V        
  FF     DEF F80C Shooting Star       =   APQ35   6×12.7mm      
  FR     DEF   RF80C Shooting Star       =   APQ35          
  FA     DEF F84E Thunderjet       =   APQ35   6×12.7mm      
  FR     DEF   RF84E Thunderjet       =   APQ35   4×12.7mm      
  FA     DEF F84F Thunderstreak       =   APQ35   6×12.7mm      
  FR     DEF   RF84F Thunderflash       =   APQ35   4×12.7mm      
  FF     DEF F86F40 Sabre Notes     =   APQ35   6×12.7mm      
FF     DEF   CL13-6 Sabre     =   APQ35   6×12.7mm      
FF     DEF   CA2730 Sabre     =   APQ35   2×30.0mm      
  FF     DEF   F86H10 Sabre     =   APQ35   4×20.0mm      
  FF     DEF   F86K19 Sabre     APG37   APQ35   4×20.0mm      
  FR     DEF   RF86A Sabre Notes     =   APQ35   2×12.7mm      
  FF     F89C Scorpion       APG40   APQ35          
  FF     F94B Starfire       APG33   APQ35          
  FF     DEF F100E Super Sabre       =   APQ35   4×20.0mm      
  TF     DEF   F100F Super Sabre       =   APQ35   2×20.0mm      
  FF     DEF F101C Voodoo       MA07   APQ35   4×20.0mm      
  FR     DEF   RF101C Voodoo       =   APQ35          
  FF     DEF F102A Delta Dagger       MG10   APQ35          
  FF     ACQ F104C Starfighter       ASG14   APQ35 V 1@20.0mm      
  TF     ACQ   F104D Starfighter       ASG14   APQ35 V        
  FF     ACQ   F104G Starfighter       F15A41   APQ35 V 1@20.0mm      
  TF     ACQ   TF104G Starfighter       F15A41   APQ35 V        
  FR     ACQ   RF104G Starfighter       F15A41   APQ35 V 1@20.0mm      
  FA     ACQ F105D Thunderchief       ASG19   APQ35   1@20.0mm      
  FF     ACQ F106 Delta Dart       MA01   APQ35   1@20.0mm      
  FF     ACQ Yak17 Feather       =   V          
  FF     DEF Yak23 Flora       =   V          
  FF     DEF Mig09 Fargo       =   V          
  FA     DEF MiG15SB Fagot-SB       =   V          
  FF     DEF   MiG15SP Fagot-SP       RP05U   V          
  FR     DEF   MiG15R Fagot-R       =   V          
  FA     DEF Mig17AS Fresco-A       =   V          
  FF     DEF   Mig17PF Fresco-D       RP05U   V          
  FR     DEF   Mig17SR Fresco-R       =   V          
  FF     DEF   Mig17PFU Fresco-E       RP05U   V          
  FF     DEF Mig19P Farmer-B       RP05U   V          
  FR     DEF   Mig19R Farmer-R       =   V          
  FF     DEF   Mig19PM Farmer-E       RP05U   V          
  FF     DEF   Mig19SM12 Farmer-       SRD5M   V          
  FF     DEF   Mig19SUTI Farmer-T       =   V          
  FF     ACQ Mig21F13 Fishbed       SRD5M   V          
  TF     ACQ   Mig21UTI Fishbed       SRD5M   V          
  FA     ACQ Su07A Fitter-A       SRD5M   V          
  FA     ACQ   Su07B Fitter-B       SRD5M   V          
  FF     ACQ Su09A Fishpot-A       RP09U   V          
  FF     ACQ Su11C Fishpot-C       RP11U   V          
  FF     DEF Tu128 Fiddler       RP23U   V          
OR LIC BB GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID BOMBERS/PISTON Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Tail/G1 Top/G2 Ven/G3 Nose/G4
BB     DEF Ca2111B Heinkel       =   APS13   = 1×15.0mm 1×15.0mm 1×15.0mm
  BB     DEF He177C Griffin Notes   DB603S ASV19   APS13 = 4×13.4mm     4×13.4mm
  BB     DEF SB2C5 Helldiver       APS19   APS13 V   2×7.62mm   2×20.0mm
  BB     DEF AT11 Kansan       =   APS13     2×7.62mm    
  BB     DEF   A2J2B Savage       APS31   APQ54 V        
  BR     DEF   A2J2P Savage       APS31   APQ54 V        
    TK     AAC   A1J2K Savage       APS31   APQ54 V        
  BB     DEF B17G Flying Fortress       APS31   APS13   2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm
  BB     DEF B25J Mitchell       APS31   APS13   2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm   12×12.7mm
  BB     DEF A26B Invader       APS31   APS13     2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm 8×12.7mm
  BB     DEF A683 Lancaster       APS31   APS13   4×7.62mm 2×7.62mm   2×7.62mm
  BB     DEF   A694 Lincoln       APS31   APS13   2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm   2×12.7mm
  BB     DEF B18C Saab       APS04   APS13          
  BB     DEF Pe02 Buck       =   V          
OR LIC BB GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID BOMBERS/JET Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Tail/G1 Top/G2 Ven/G3 Nose/G4
  BB     DEF B57 Canberra       ASV19   APQ54          
  BB     DEF   B57 Canberra       ASV19   APQ54          
  BB     ACQ HP80B1 Victor B1       ASV19   APQ54          
  TK     AAC   HP80K1 Victor B1       ASV19   APQ54          
  BB     ACQ A698 Vulcan       ASV19   APQ54          
  BB     DEF SO405 Vautour II       ASV19   APQ54          
  BB     ACQ MD580A Mirage IVA       CYR   APQ54          
  BB     DEF B47E Stratojet       APS42   APQ54   2×20.0mm      
  BB     ACQ B52J Stratobomber Notes     APS42   APQ54   4×12.7mm      
  BR     ACQ   RB52J Stratobomber     APS42   APQ54   2×20.0mm      
  BB       B58A Hustler       ASG14   APQ54   1@20.0mm      
  BB     ACQ B66A Destroyer       APS42   APQ54   2×20.0mm      
  BB     ACQ   A3D2B Skywarrior       APS42   APQ54 V 2×20.0mm      
  BR     ACQ   A3D2P Skywarrior       APS42   APQ54 V 2×20.0mm      
  TK     AAC   A3D2K Skywarrior       APS42   APQ54 V        
  BB     DEF Il28 Beagle       RP05U   V   2×23.0mm     2×23.0mm
  BB     DEF Tu16A Badger       RP05U   V   2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm 1×23.0mm
  TK     AAC   Tu16K Badger       RP05U   V          
  BB     ACQ M04 Bison       RP09U   V   2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm  
  BB     ACQ Tu22 Blinder       RP09U   V   1×23.0mm      
  BB     ACQ Tu95 Bear       RP09U   V   2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm  
OR LIC ASW GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ASW-SAR Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  ASW     DEF Br1050A Alize.ASW       ASV19   APQ54 V        
  TM     DEF   Br1050C Alize.COD       =   APQ54 V        
  AEW     AAC   Br1050W Alize.AEW       APS20   APQ54 V        
  AEW     AAC   GN17W3 Gannet.AEW3       APS20   APQ54 V        
  ASW     DEF   GN17S4 Gannet.AS4       ASV19   APQ54 V        
  TM     DEF   GN17C4 Gannet.COD4       =   APQ54 V        
ASW     DEF   GN17S7 Gannet.AS7       ASV19   APQ54 V        
AEW     AAC   GN17W8 Gannet.AEW8       APS20   APQ54 V        
TM     DEF   GN17C9 Gannet.COD9       =   APQ54 V        
TK     AAC   GN17K9 Gannet.TNK9       =   APQ54 V        
  ASW     DEF A696S1 Shackleton       ASV19   APQ54     2×20.0mm   2×20.0mm
  ASW     DEF TBM3E Avenger       APS31   APQ54 V   1×7.62mm   2×12.7mm
  AEW     AAC   TBM3W Avenger       APS20   APQ54 V        
  TM     DEF   TBM3R Avenger       APS31   APQ54 V        
  ASW     DEF S2F1 Tracker       APS38   APQ54 V        
  AEW     AAC   W1F2 Tracer       APS20   APQ54 V        
  TM     DEF   T1F1 Trader       APS31   APQ54 V        
  ASW     DEF PBM5A Mariner       APS31   APQ54   2×12.7mm 2×12.7mm   1×12.7mm
  ASW     DEF P5M2A Marlin       APS31   APQ54   2×20.0mm      
  ASW     DEF PBY5A Catalina       APS31   APQ54         2×7.62mm
  ASW     DEF SA16B Albatross       APS31   APQ54          
  ASW     DEF P1V2C Harpoon       APS31   APQ54     2×7.62mm   8×12.7mm
  ASW     DEF P2V5 Neptune       APS31   APQ54   2×20.0mm 2×12.7mm   6×20.0mm
  ASW     DEF Be06 Madge       RP05U   V   2×23.0mm 2×23.0mm    
  ASW     DEF Be12 Mail       RP05U   V          
ASW     DEF PZL18S Dromader       RP05U   V V        
AEW     AAC PZL18W Dromader       LIANA   V V        
TM     DEF PZL18C Dromader       RP05U   V V        
OR LIC AEW GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID AEW Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  AEW     AAC EC121 Warning Star       APS20   V          
  AEW     AAC Tu126 Moss       LIANA   V          
OR LIC TK GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID TANKERS Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
    TK     AAC               V          
OR LIC TM GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID TRANSPORT MILITARY Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  TM     DEF N2500 Noratlas       APS42   APQ54          
  TM     DEF C97M Astrofreighter       APS42   APQ54          
  TK     AAC   KC97M Astrotanker       APS42   APQ54          
  TA     DEF   B377 Stratocruiser       APS42   =          
  TM     DEF C119K Flying Boxcar       APS42   APQ54          
  TM     DEF An2 Colt       =   V          
  TM     DEF Il14 Crate       RP05U   V          
  TM     DEF An8 Camp       RP05U   V          
OR LIC TA GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID TRANSPORT AIRLINERS Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  TA     DEF CV440 Cosmopolitan       APS42   =          
  TM     DEF   C131B Samaritan       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF Br175 Britannia       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF   Viscount       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF   Vanguard       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF   Caravelle       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF B707 Stratoliner       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF C102 Jetliner       APS42   =          
  TA     DEF Il14 Crate       RP05U   =          
  TA     DEF Tu114 =       RP05U   =          
  TA     DEF Il18 Coot       RP05U   =          
  TA     DEF B152 Baaade       RP05U   =          
  TA     DEF Tu104         RP05U   =          
  TA     DEF Saab90 Scandia       APS42   =          
OR LIC LL GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID LIAISON/UTILITY Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  LL W2   DEF L18C Super Cub       =   =          
  LL W2   DEF L19 Bird Dog       =   =          
  LL     DEF C310C         =   =          
  LL     DEF Yak12A         =   =          
  LL     DEF Yak18T         =   =          
  LL HH   DEF H02A Seasprite       =   =          
OR LIC PGR GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID PLANE GUARD/RESCUE Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  PGR HH   AAC H02A Seasprite       =   =          
  PGR HH   AAC Ka25 Hormone       =   =          
  PGR HH   AAC = =       =   =          
  PGR HH   AAC = =       =   =          
OR LIC XP GR1 GR2 AVA VAR Aircraft ID EXPERIMENTAL Note Data Engine Radar IRD TWR Hook Guns/1 Guns/2 Guns/3 Guns/4
  XP     PRZ X15A         =   =          
  XP     PRZ X15B         =   =