S-49C  Icarus

The story which didn't happen ... outside Atlantic Air Combat
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Illustrations :
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After the end of the second world war, Yugoslavia was essentially without any air force.  In order to have a new fighter, the IKARUS industry was tasked to design and produce an new aircraft and the initial study was carried out by those who had designed the pre-war Ikarus IK-3.
Soon Soviet engineers came up to assist, bringing Klimov engines and the blueprints of the Yak-9.  It took less than a year for the first prototype, the S-49A to take the air in 1948.  Powered by a 1260 hp Klimov VK-105PF-2 it could reach 297 knots.  Armament was of Soviet origin in the form of a 20mm canon, and two 12.7mm machine guns.
Yugoslavia joining the non aligned nations put an end to the Soviet support, and thus spare parts for the engine and armament.  The option of manufacturing a S-49B around a DB-605 engine, scores of which were still laying around was briefly studied before switching to a more promising solution.
The new version, the S-49C, powered by a 1500 hp Hispano-Suiza 12Z-17 took the air by the end of 1951.  Its armament had evolved along with the new engine, with now a German MG151/20 20mm canon, and a pair of AN/M2 12.7mm machine guns.  Also it could now carry a pair of 110 lbs bombs or two pairs of HVAR rockets.  As such the new variants entered squadron service in the beginning of 1952 to last until 1961.
As such this (real) story falls short of the Atlantic Air Combat time frame.   It is however the desire of AAC authors to satisfy WW2 vintage aircrafts fans, and to honour lesser known aircraft manufacturers.   In the absence of a known common name and of any known NATO coded name, the aircraft will be referred to in AAC as the S49C Icarus, with a "c" rather than a "k" to avoid confusion with the manufacturer's name.
Armament of the AAC version of this aircraft will only differ on two points :
bomb load is brought up to 2×250 lbs (either bombs or the cheat Swiss WG27 air-to-ground rocket)
in AAC, the S-49C is capable to carry two 250 lbs loads under wing pylons and 4×HVAR rockets of various types


S49A S49B S49C S49C in AAC MTOW in AAC
Manufactured 45 - 113    
Length 8.43 m   9.06 m 9.06 m  
Span 10.30 m   10.30 m 10.30 m  
Height 2.90 m   2.90 m 2.90 m  
Weight : empty 5110 lbs   6207 lbs 6207 lbs 6207 lbs
Crew : 1         200 lbs
Fuel : internal          
Engine VK105PF2 DB605 HS12Z17 HS12Z17  
Power 1260 Hp   1500 hp 1500 hp  
Speed : max 297 kn   339 kn 339 kn  
Climb rate     2853 ft/min 2853 ft/min  
Ceiling     32800 ft 32800 ft  
Range     372 nm 372 nm  
Gun 1a : 20mm ShVAK 1×120 rpg   // //  
Gun 1b : 20mm MG151/20 //   1×200 rpg 1×200 rpg 81 lbs
Gun 2a : 12.7mm UBS 2×200 rpg   // //  
Gun 2b : .50cal AN/M2 // // 2×650 rpg 2×650 rpg 329 lbs
Weight : loaded 6498 lbs   7859 lbs   6817 lbs
Pylon : bombs or
// // 2×110 lbs 2×250 lbs 500 lbs
Pylon : WG27 HVAR or
      2×250 lbs 500 lbs
HVAR : 4×RS132 or
// // 4×5" up to 4×HVAR 200 lbs
HVAR : 4×T10 or
        240 lbs
HVAR : 4×RP3 or
        320 lbs
HVAR : 4×3"AR or
        320 lbs
HVAR : 4×5"HM or
        560 lbs
HVAR : 4×RR1 or
        560 lbs
Weight : MTOW         7877 lbs
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