F-4 - (centerline) 1x600-gallon or 1x610-gallon tank, 2x370-gallon outboard wing tanks
F-5 - 3x275-gallon tanks (inboard wing and centerline)
F-14 - 2x267-gallon tanks
F-15 - 3x610-gallon tanks, 2x725-gallon CFT's
F-16 - 2x370-gallon inboard wing tanks, 2x600-gallon inboard wing tanks, 1x300-gallon centerline tank
F-16i - same as above with optional 2x450-gallon CFT's
F-18C - 3x330-gallon tanks or 2x480-gallon tanks
F-18E - 5x480-gallon tanks
F-22 - 4x600-gallon tanks
F-100C - 2x450-gallon tanks or 2x335-gallon tanks
F-102 - 2x215-gallon tanks
F-104 - (wingtip) 2x170-gallon or 2x230-gallon, and (underwing) 2x195-gallon
F-105 - 1x650-gallon centerline and 2x450-gallons on the wings
F-106 - (supersonic) 2x360-gallon tanks or (subsonic) 2x230 gallon tanks
F-111 - 6x600-gallon tanks
A-6E - 5x300-gallon tanks
A-7D - 4x300-gallon tanks
A-10 - 3x600-gallon tanks
B-52 - 2x3000-gallon tanks (C's - G's)
B-58 - 1x4172-gallons or 3885-gallons for the TCP

MiG-21bis - 2x130-gallon tanks; and (centerline) 1x130-gallon tanks or 1x210-gallon centerline tank
MiG-23/27 - 1x800L (210-gallon) centerline tank
MiG-25 - 1x5300L (1700-gallon) centerline-ventral tank
MiG-29 - 2x305-gallon inboard wing tanks, 1x400-gallon centerline tank
MiG-31 - 2x2000L (528-gallon) outboard wing tanks

Su-7 - 2x620L (164-gallon) side-by-side centerline tanks, and 4x620L (164-gallon) underwing tanks
Su-7BM - 2x620L (164-gallon) side-by-side centerline tanks, and 2x950L (250-gallon) or 2x1150L (330-gallon) underwing tanks
Su-17/22 - 4x800L (210-gallon) tanks
Su-33 - (centerline) 1x1500L (400-gallon) tank
Su-34 - 3x3000L (800-gallon) tanks
Su-27smk/Su-35 - 2x2000L (525-gallon) tanks

Tornado - 4x1500L (400-gallon), or 2x2250L (600-gallon) and 2x1500L (400-gallon) underwing tanks
Tornado* - 3x1000L (265-gallon) or 3x1500L (400-gallon) tanks (*German & Italian versions only)
EF-2000 - 1x1000L (265-gallon) tank and 2x1500L (400-gallon) CFT's

Mirage 2000 - 1x1300L (340-gallon) centerline, and 2x1700L (450-gallon) or 2x2000L (525-gallon) wing tanks
Rafale - (supersonic) 3x1150L (330-gallon) or (subsonic) 3x2000L (525-gallon), and 2x1150L (330-gallon) CFT's

Tejas - 2x800L (210-gallon) tanks