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United States Canada United Kingdom Iceland
Norway Denmark Germany - FRG - Federal Republic of Germany Netherlands
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USSR - Soviet Union Germany - DDR - Deutsche Demokratische Republik Poland Cuba
Sweden Finland Ireland Austria Switzerland Yugoslavia
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Naval Ships
Not all the nations involved in the conflict have a navy fleet and some who have do not necessarily commit them fully, only engaging part of their assets.  Anyway, it's a flight rather than a ship simulation game, so sorry for ship lovers but while ships may be escorts, they essentially are targets.

Merchant Ships
Air war at sea is not just about desabling the adversary navy, it's also about disrupting their supply lines.   Therefore, whether they are sailing in (protected) convoy or individually, merchant shipping is a target as well
 Cargo of various kind  Tanker ships

Thus, allowing for aircraft carriers which are given special attention, Navy Fleets are arbitrarily simplified into the following kinds of ships, either considered individually or organized in "Task Forces" : 

Certain king of ships are not to be attacked (cfr ROE) :
Passenger ships and ferries, unless requisitioned/used by armed forces
Ships marked with a Red Cross or a Red Crescent
Aircraft Carriers
Auxilliary/Transport Vessels
Miscellaneous and Others
Please refer to Sea-based Anti-Aircraft Weapons and to Navies details below
1a Aircraft carriers Light Medium Heavy

The purpose is in the name.  Since AAC "happens" in the sixties, all carriers are supposedly of the CATOBAR type (catapult launch and arresting cables recovery), but there will be a couple of exceptions with the Audacity and Kiev classes which are of the STOVL type

1b Helicopter carriers

"Exactly what it says on the tin" although it may only cover a very few ships or in a couple of ship classes.  The French R97 Jeanne d'Arc and the Soviet Moskva classes fall in this particular category, thus excluding aircraft carriers which may be used as helicopter platforms.  Helicopters are not scheduled as a main type in AAC but for afficionados.  Besides the above mentioned ship classes, any aicraft carrier may be available to operate them

2 Battleships & Battle Cruisers

A remnant of the second world war, these are "key" targets to tackle as they are heavily armed with AA artilerly and duly escorted with other AA assets.   Having said that, it only concerns western fleets in general (USA, UK, France) with Sweden operating a couple of ships of the same category

3 3  Cruisers

Armed with surface-to-air missiles or not, they come second in size to the above category are are pretty well equipped in terms of AA artillery

4 4a  Destroyer & Friagates

Next in size and armament come the destroyers, with some of them being equipped with surface-to-air missiles.  Their main purpose is to escort capital ships like aircraft carriers and battleships.  Destroyers are armed with heavy dual purpose guns (naval and anti-air warfare).  Like medium auto-cannons, these guns will offer the visual effects of (proximity) aerial explosions while light auto-cannons like heavy machine guns intend to direct hits.  Frigates are supposedly somewhat smaller in size but are not here identified separately

5 Corvettes

Definitely smaller in size, these lightly armed vessels will mainly be found in coastal waters and are mainly operated by smaller navies (eg: Iceland).  They are however of a multipurpose design and could be considered a threat to friendly forces, especially submarines.

6 Submarines
Technically, the following sub-types could be idenfied with some of them (still...) equipped with AA artillery
6a SSK attack submarines (diesel/electric)
6b SSG guided missiles launching submarines (diesel/electric)
6c SSNA attack submarines (nuclear powered) none in AAC™
6d SSBN nuclear tipped ballistic missiles launching submarines (nuclear powered) none in AAC™
some some      
7a Transport Vessels – Auxilary Ships

Cargo or tanker ships serving to re-supply naval ships at sea, these are as important targets as the capital ships themselves.  As naval rather than commercial ships these vessels are armed

7b Transport Vessels – Cargo and Tanker Ships

"Exactly what it says on the tin", either sailing alone or in convoy, these are sea targets

7c Transport Vessels – Passenger Vessels

Supposedly to be left unharmed, they will be present either in their own role on their shipping lanes or used as hospital ships.

7d Transport Vessels – Sea Ferries

While passengers carrying vessels, they could found themselves seized by armed forces for their own end and purposes.   Will offer a dilemma : sink them or not, and be blessed for it when carrying military vehicles or punished when they were not

8a Miscellaneous Ships & Boats – Assault Landing Ships

Used for beach assault delivering amphibious armored tracked vehicles

8b Miscellaneous Ships & Boats – Landing Crafts

In AAC these are replaced by amphibious armored tracked vehicles

8c Miscellaneous Ships & Boats – Patrol Torpedo Boats

Fast attack boats, heavily equipped with AA guns of 12.7mm, 20mm, 37mm and 40mm

9a River Barges

Like cargo and tankers, targets on rivers and lakes

9b River Ferries

Will offer the same dilemma as the sea ferries