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For reasons of  convenience, aircrafts in AAC receive an individual identification (ID) beyond a common name.  While some countries or industries used elaborate designation systems some didn't or the type number of a given aircraft didn't enter popular culture.  Aircrafts IDs are reproduced on the "Aircrafts-All" page but since this pure AAC list might be difficult for some to decypher, conversion tables are prepared for each major aircraft building nations.
Aircrafts manufactured under license are generally referred to by their original designation.  This is not an exhaustive list of Canadian designed aircrafts, and aircrafts mentioned here are not all scheduled for inclusion in AAC.   Some are obvious, most are under scrutiny.


Canada issued their own aircraft identification numbers for all aircrafts either manufactured in Canada (eg: CC-109 Cosmopolitan = C-131 Cosmopolitan) or used in Canadian Services (eg: the CH-113 Labrador = CH-46 Sea Knight).  The list of these aircrafts are on the Targets.Air_Industrial.Canada page.
The purpose of this page is restricted to the aircrafts designed in Canada, thus excluding those manufactured under licence whose identification will be based on their original one (the C-131 Cosmopolitan will remain the C-131).

Source : http://www.canadianwings.com/Aircraft/Database/listpage.php?serial=&aircraft_type_keyword=Argus&squadrons_query=&notes_query=&submit=Search&page=3

Serv Qty Original
Year Year Notes   AAC
Role Avail
      AVRO  CANADA                  
2 CF-100 Canuck.Mk1 1950 Prototypes | CF100A
1 CF-100 Canuck.Mk2 1950 | CF100B
4 CF-100 Canuck.Mk2T 1950 | CF100B
26 CF-100 Canuck.Mk3A Or/02 1953 8M3 APG33 | CF100C
(20) CF-100 Canuck.Mk3A Mk3DT 8M3 APG33 | CF100T
48 CF-100 Canuck.Mk3B Or/08 1950 8M3 APG33 | CF100D
(27) CF-100 Canuck.Mk3B Mk3DT 8M3 APG33 | CF100T
1 CF-100 Canuck.Mk4P Or/02 1952 8M3 APG33+148FFAR CF100E Canuck.Mk4C Or/14 FF Default 8M3+148+229+4AIM7
137 CF-100 Canuck.Mk4A Or/09 1953 8M3 APG40+229FFAR | CF100F

Thus a cheat variant combining various specs (operational or tested) to make the Canuck a multirole aircraft, which it never was but could have been ?...

143 CF-100 Canuck.Mk4B Or/11 1954 8M3 APG40+229FFAR | CF100G
330 CF-100 Canuck.Mk5  Or/14 1955 = APG40+229FFAR | CF100H
(7) CF-100 Canuck.Mk5M = APG40+4AIM7 | CF100M
(53) CF-100 Canuck.Mk5 1957 = APG40+229FFAR | CF100H
1 CC-102 Jetliner 1949 CC102 Jetliner TA Default

In view of going round copyrights issues, the CC102 is likely to be one of the aircraft types operated by the AAC fictional Atlantic Expedite Airways and subsidaries

6 CF-105 Arrow 1958 CF105 Arrow
12 CC-106 Yukon      CL-44-6 1961 1971 CC106A Yukon

These are similar aircrafts, themselves redesigned variants of the Bristol 175 Britannia - When airliners will be sorted out, AAC could have twin designations for civilian & military transports

27 CL-44D4 Yukon      CL-44-6 1964 CL44D4 Fourtyfour
= CL-44J Fourtyfour 1966  
13 CP-107 Argus 1    CL-28-1 1957 1981 | CL28A Argus
20 CP-107 Argus 2    CL-28-2 1959 1981 CL28B Argus
190 CT-114 Tutor      CL-41A 1960 | CL41A Tutor TR
20 CT-114 Tutor      CL-41A 1967 External weap CL41G Tutor TR Default thus a cheat for RCAF
      DE HAVILLAND CANADA                  
CT-120 Chipmunk   DHC-1B 1946 DHC1 Chipmunk
  Beaver     DHC-2 1948 DHC2 Beaver
CC-123 Otter      DHC-3 1951 DHC3 Otter
CC-108 Caribou    DHC-4 1958 DHC4 Caribou
CC-115 Buffalo    DHC-5 1964 DHC5 Buffalo
CC-138 Twin Otter DHC-6 1965 DHC6 Twin.Otter
CC-132 Dash 7     DHC-7 1975 DHC7
CC-142 Dash 8     DHC-8 1983 DHC8



Canadians Military Aircraft Designations

Source : http://www.designation-systems.net/non-us/canada.html

Canadian Armed Forces use a somewhat standardized aircraft designations, starting with a "C" for Canada, followed by a letter identifying the aircraft type : 

After the type letter is a three-digit number.  The sequencing doesn't follow strick rules as a number may be chosen to match the equivalent US designation (either the manufacturer's or military), but not necessarily so.  The same rule (or lack thereof...) applies to the naming of aircraft : sometimes the original name is retained (eg: Starfighter) sometimes it isn't (eg: Silver Star instead of Shooting Star).   So the Canadian system has some fantasy burried into it.
  Name           Notes       Notes
CF-100 Canuck C.100 Avro Canada              
CF-101B Voodoo         McDonnell   F101B    
CF-101F Voodoo         McDonnell   F101F    
CF-104 Starfighter   CL-90 Canadair   Lockheed Model 683-04-12 F104 Starfighter  
CF-104A Starfighter     Canadair   Lockheed Model 183-92-02 F104 Starfighter  
CF-104D Dual Starfighter     Canadair   Lockheed Model 583-04-15 TF104 Starfighter  
CF-105 Arrow   Avro Canada project cancelled            
CC-106 Yukon CL-44-6 Canadair              
CP-107 Argus 1 CL-28-1 Canadair              
CP-107 Argus 2 CL-28-2 Canadair              
CC-108 Caribou DHC-4 DH Canada              
CC-109 Cosmopolitan   CL-66B Canadair   Convair CV-440 C-131 Cosmopolitan  
CSR-110 Albatross         Grumman G-111 HU-16 Albatross  
CF-111 Starfighter     Canadair   Lockheed see CF-104        
CH-112 Nomad         Hiller UH-12E OH-23 Raven  
CH-113 Labrador         Vertol 107.II-9 CH-46    
CH-113A Labrador         Vertol 107.II-28 CH-46    
CT-114 Tutor CL-41A Canadair              
CC-115 Buffalo DHC-5A DH Canada              
CF-116 CF-5   CL-219-1A10 Canadair   Northrop   F5A Freedom Fighter  
CF-116D CF-5D   CL-219-1A17 Canadair   Northrop   F5B Freedom Fighter  
CC-117 Falcon         Dassault Falcon 20C   Falcon 20C  
CH-118 Iroquois         Bell Model 205 UH-1H Iroquois  
CO-119         idem Cessna Model 305 L-19A/E    
CO-119         idem Cessna Model 182      
CT-120 Chipmunk DHC-1B DH Canada              
CP-121 Tracker     DH Canada   Grumman G-103 S2F Tracker  
CP-122 Neptune         Lockheed   P2V/P-2 Neptune  
CC-123 Otter DHC-3 DH Canada     originally CSR-123        
CH-124 Sea King         Sikorsky S-61A SH-3 Sea King  
CH-125           Vertol Model 42 H-21    
CH-126           Sikorsky S-58 H-34    
CH-127           Vertol Model 44     similar to Model 42
CT-128 Expeditor         Beech Model 18 C-45B Expeditor  
CC-129 Dakota         Douglas   C-47 Skytrain  
CC-130B Hercules         Lockheed   C-130B Hercules  
CC-130E Hercules         Lockheed   C-130E Hercules  
CC-130H Hercules         Lockheed   C-130H Hercules  
CX-131   CL-84-1 Canadair              
CC-132 Dash 7 DHC-7 DH Canada              
CT-133 Silver Star   CL-30 Canadair   Lockheed   T-33AN Shooting Star  
CT-134 Musketeer         Beech Musketeer C23-19      
CT-134A Musketeer II         Beech Sundowner C23      
CH-135 Twin Huey         Bell Model 212  UH-1N    
CH-136 Kiowa         Bell Model 206A OH-58A Kiowa  
CC-137 Boeing 707         Boeing Model 707-347C      
CC-138 Twin Otter DHC-6 DH Canada              
CH-139 Jetranger         Bell Model 206B-III      
CP-140 Aurora         Lockheed Model 285B P-3 Orion  
CP-140A Arcturus         Lockheed Model 285L P-3 Orion  
CC-141 Starlifter   cancelled     Lockheed   C-141 Starlifter  
CC-142 Dash 8 DHC-8 DH Canada              
CH-147 Chinook         Vertol BV-173  CH-47 Chinook