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For reasons of  convenience, two Wikipedia Lists of US Military Aircrafts is partly reproduced here, togeter with a list of Helicopters.  Regarding helicopters, their designation evolved with early machines receiving a "R" for Rotor designation before it changed to "H" for Helicopter.  In 1962, helicopter designation adopted a mission code with "H" only remaining as a suffix (eg: AH: Attack Helicopter, CH: Cargo, SH: Anti-Submarine, UH: Utility, etc)

  • 0 helicopters R-1 to R-17 were renamed H-1 to H-17

  • 2 helicopters having received an USN ID did not all translate into the H serie (eg: HSL, HSJ) - see helicopters in the Naval table

  • 6 helicopters received a reassigned "H" number in 1962

  • 0 not all helicopters entered the military naturally and are thus not mentioned here

List of US Military Aircrafts (Wikipedia)
List of US Naval Military Aircrafts (Wikipedia)
AEW - Airborne Early Warning 1962 - >>>
ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare 1962 - >>>
Attack 1924 - 1962
Bombers 1926 - >>>
Cargo 1924 - >>>
Experimental (short extract)  
Fighters  & Pursuit (extract) 1924 - >>>
Liaison 1942 - 1962
Tankers 1942 - 1962
Trainers 1924 - >>>
Utility 1955 - >>>
Airships 1922 - 1935
Airships - AEW 1952 - 1962
Airships - Patrol 1947 - 1962
Airships - Scout 1954 - 1962
AEW - Airborne Early Warning 1952 - 1962
ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare 1946 - 1962
Attack 1946 - 1962
Fighters 1922 - 1962
Helicopters - ASW 1951 - 1962
Helicopters - Observation 1944 - 1962
Helicopters - Trainer 1944 - 1962
Helicopters - Transport 1944 - 1962
Helicopters - Utility 1944 - 1962
Observation 1922 - 1962
Observation - Scout 1935 - 1945
Patrol 1923 - 1962
Patrol - Bomber 1935 - 1962
Scout 1922 - 1946
Scout - Bomber 1934 - 1946
Scout - Observation 1934 - 1946
Scout - Trainer 1939 - 1948
Torpedo Bomber 1935 - 1946
Trainers - Primary 1922 - 1948
Trainers 1948 - 1962
Transport 1931 - 1962
Utility 1935 - 1955
Utility 1955 - 1962
Utility - Transport 1935 - 1955
List of US Helicopters (Aviastar) - See also : Sikorsky
Sud-Ouest OH1 1953 YHO-1 Djinn
Hughes.269 OH2 1956 YHO-2 > TH-55A
Brantly.B2 OH3 1953 YHO-3 -
Bell.206 OH4 1962 YHO-4 > H-4
Hiller OH5 1963 YHO-5 > H-5
Hughes.369 OH6 1963 YHO-6 Cayuse
Platt-Lepage H01 1941 XR-1 -
Kellett H02 1939 XR-2 -
Kellett H03 1939 XR-3 -
Sikorsky.R4 H04 1942 R-4 Hoverfly
Sikorsky.R5 H05 1943 R-5 Dragonfly
Sikorsky.S51 H05 1943 H-5 Dragonfly
Sikorsky.R6 H06 1943 R-6 -
Sikorsky.R7 H07 // = -
Kellett H08 1944 XR-8 -
Firestone H09 1946 XR-9 -
Kellett H10 1947 XR-10 -
Rotor-Craft H11 1946 XR-11 -
Bell.48 H12 1946 XH-12 -
Bell.47 H12 1947 H-13 Sioux
Firestone H14 // = -
Bell.54 H15 1948 XH-15 -
Piaseki 15 H16 1953 XH-16 Transporter
Hugues H17 1952 XH-17 Flying Crane
Sikorsky.52 H18 1947 H-18 -
Sikorsky.55 H19 1949 H-19 Chickasaw
McDonnell H20 1947 XH-20 Little Henry
Piaseki.17 H21 1952 CH-21 Shawnee
Kaman.225 H22 1947 XH-22 -
Hiller.360 H23 1947 OH-23 Raven
Seibel.S4 H24 1951 YH-24 Sky Hawk
Piaseki.14 H25 1949 H-25 Retriever
American.H H26 1952 XH-26 Jet-Jeep
Piaseki.15 H27 1953 XH-27 =YH16A
Hughes H28 1953 XH-28 Flying Crane
McDonnell H29 // XH-29 > H-20
Mc Culloch H30 1951 YH-30 -
Doman.LZ5 H31 1953 XH-31 -
Hiller H32 1954 YH-32 Hornet
Bell H33 1955 XV-3 -
Sikorsky.58 H34 1954 CH-34 Choctaw
McDonnell H35 1954 XV-1 -
- H36 - = "Long Ears"
Sikorsky.56 H37 1953 CH-37 Mojave
- H38 - = "Short Tail"
Sikorsky.59 H39 1954 XH-39 -
Bell.204 H40 1956 UH-1 Huey
Bell.205 H40 1961 UH-1D Iroquois
Bell.209 H40 1965 AH-1 Huey Cobra
Bell.212 H40 1968 UH-1N Huey
Cessna.CH1 H41 1953 YH-41 Seneca
Hugues.269 H42 1957 XH-42 > TH55
Kaman H43 1952 HH-43 Huskie
- H44 - = "Big Tom"
- H45 - = "Step Child"
Vertol.107 H46 1958 CH-46 Sea Knight
Vertol.114 H47 1961 CH-47 Chinook
Bell.204 H48 1967 UH-1F Iroquois
Vertol.107 H49 1962 XH-49 =XCH-46B
Gyrodyne H50 1963 QH-50 -
Lockheed H51 1962 XH-51 Compound
Sikorsky.62 H52 1958 HH-52 Sea Guard
Sikorsky.65 H53 1964 CH-53 Super Stallion
Sikorsky.64 H54 1962 CH-54 Tarhe
Hughes.269 H55 1956 TH-55 Osage
Lockheed H56 1967 AH-56 Cheyenne
Bell.206A H57 1966 TH-57 Sea Ranger
Bell.206A H58 1966 OH-58 Kiowa/Ranger
Bell.406 H58 1983 OH-58 Kiowa Warrior
Sikorsky.69 H59 1973 XH-59 -
Sikorsky.70 H60 1974 UH-60 Blackhawk
Vertol 179 H61 1974 UH-61 -
Vertol 301 H62 // CH-62 -
Bell.409 H63 1975 AH-63 King Cobra
Hugues H64 1975 AH-64 Apache
Aerospatiale H65 1980 HH-65 Dolphin
Boeing H66 1996 AH-66 Comanche
Bell.206B H67 1993 TH-67 Creek
Agusta H68   MH-68 Stingray
// H69 // // //
Bell H70   RH-70 Arapaho
Lockheed H71   VH-71 Kestrel
Eurocopter H72   UH-72 Lakota
Bell.204 H-1 1956 UH-1 (family)
Kaman H-2 1959 UH-2A Sea Sprite
Sikorsky.61 H-3 1959 CH-3 Sea King
Bell.206 H-4 1962 YHO-4 > H-4
Hiller H-5 1963 YHO-5 > H-5
Hughes.369 H-6 1963 YHO-6 Cayuse
List of US Military Aircrafts (extract)
Primary Trainers   1925 - 1948 Year Year Notes Cargo   1924 - 1962 Year Year Notes


Trusty       Douglas C-1        
Consolidated PT-2 Trusty         ./..        
Consolidated PT-3 Trusty       Fokker C-7        
Consolidated PT-4 Trusty       Fairchild C-8        
Consolidated PT-5 Trusty       Ford C-9        
Consolidated PT-6         Curtiss C-10 Robin      
Mohawk PT-7 Pinto       Consolidated C-11 Fleetster      
Consolidated PT-8         Lockheed C-12 Vega      
Stearman PT-9         // C-13 //      
Verville PT-10         Fokker C-14        
Consolidated PT-11         Fokker C-15        
Consolidated PT-12         Fokker C-16        
Stearman PT-13 Kaydet       Lockheed C-17 Super.Vega      
Waco PT-14         Boeing C-18 Monomail      
St.Louis PT-15         Northrop C-19        
Ryan PT-16         Fokker C-20        
Stearman PT-17 Kaydet       Douglas C-21 Dolphin      
Stearman PT-18 Kaydet       Consolidated C-22        
Fairchild PT-19 Cornell       Lockheed C-23 Altair      
Ryan PT-20         American.Aircraft C-24        
Ryan PT-21 Recruit       Lockheed C-25 Altair      
Ryan PT-22 Recruit       Douglas C-26 Dolphin      
Fairchild PT-23 Cornell       Bellanca C-27 Airbus      
de Havilland PT-24 Tiger.Moth       Sikorsky C-28        
Ryan PT-25         Douglas C-29 Dolphin      
Fairchild PT-26 Cornell       Curtiss C-30 Condor      
Stearman PT-27 Kaydet       Kreider-Reisner C-31        
Trainer   1924 - 1948 Year Year Notes Douglas C-32        
North.American AT-6 Texan 1935   >T-6 (1948) Douglas C-33        
Beechcraft AT-7 Navigator     >T-7 (1948) Douglas C-34        
Cessna AT-8 Bobcat       Lockheed C-35 Electra      
Curtiss AT-9 Jeep       Lockheed C-36 Electra      
Beechcraft AT-10 Wichita       Lockheed C-37 Electra      
Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan     >T-11 (1948) Douglas C-38        
Republic AT-12 Guardsman       Douglas C-39        
Fairchild AT-13 Gunner       Lockheed C-40 Electra      
Fairchild AT-14 Gunner       Douglas C-41        
Boeing AT-15 Crewmaker       Douglas C-42        
Noorduyn AT-16         Beechcraft C-43 Traveller      
Cessna AT-17 Bobcat       Messerschmitt C-44 Taiful Bf08      
Lockheed AT-18 Hudson       Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor      
Stinson AT-19 Reliant       Curtiss C-46 Commando      
Avro AT-20 Anson       Douglas C-47 Skytrain      
Fairchild AT-21 Gunner       Douglas C-48 Skytrain      
Consolidated AT-22 Liberator       Douglas C-49 Skytrain      
Martin AT-23 Marauder       Douglas C-50 Skytrain      
North.American AT-24 Mitchell       Douglas C-51 Skytrain      
  ./..         Douglas C-52 Skytrain      
North American T-28 Trojan       Douglas C-53 Skytrooper      
Convair T-29 Classroom       Douglas C-54 Skymaster      
Douglas T-30         Curtiss C-55 Commando      
Fairchild T-31         Lockheed C-56 Lodestar      
Convair T-32         Lockheed C-57 Lodestar      
Lockheed T-33 Silver Star       Douglas C-58 Bolo      
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor       Lockheed C-59 Lodestar      
Temco T-35 Buckaroo       Lockheed C-60 Lodestar      
Beechcraft T-36         Fairchild C-61 Forwarder      
Cessna T-37 Tweet       Waco C-62        
Northrop T-38 Talon       Lockheed C-63 Hudson      
North American T-39 Sabreliner       Noorduyn C-64 Norseman      
Lockheed T-40 Jetstar       Stout C-65 Skycar      
Cessna T-41 Mescalero       Locheed C-66 Lodestar      
Beechcraft T-42 Cochise       Douglas C-67 Dragon      
Boeing T-43         Douglas C-68        
Beechcraft T-44 Pegasus       Lockheed C-69 Constellation      
McDonnell/BAE T-45 Goshawk       Howard C-70 Nightingale      
Fairchild T-46         Spartan C-71 Executive      
Cessna T-47         Waco C-72        
Cessna T-48         Boeing C-73        
Beoing T-49         Douglas C-74 Globemaster      
KAI T-50 Golden Eagle       Boeing C-75        
Cessna T-51         Curtiss C-76 Caravan      
Diamond T-52         Cessna C-77        
Cirrus T-53         Cessna C-78 Bobcat      
Trainers   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes Junkers C-79        
Lockheed T-1 SeaStar 1953   Also: T2V Harlow C-80        
Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk ??     Stinson C-81 Reliant      
North American T-2 Buckeye 1958   Also: T2J Fairchild C-82 Packet      
Slingsby T-3 Firefly 1991   Also: T-67 Piper C-83 Coupe      
  T-4         Douglas C-84        
  T-5         Lockheed C-85 Orion      
Beechcraft T-6 Texan.II 1998   1998 Fairchild C-86 Forwarder      
Attack   1924 - 1962 Year Year Notes Consolidated C-87 Liberator.Express      
  ./..         Fairchild C-88        
Douglas A-20 Havoc     >: B-20 (1948) Hamilton C-89        
Stearman A-21         Luscombe C-90        
Martin A-22 Maryland       Stinson C-91        
Martin A-23 Baltimore       Akron-Funk C-92        
Douglas A-24 Banshee     >F-24 (1948) Budd C-93 Conestoga      
Curtiss A-25 Shrike     =SB2C Cessna C-94        
Douglas A-26 Invader     >B-26 (1948) Tailorcraft C-95 Grasshopper      
North.American A-27 Texan 1940 1941   Fairchild C-96        
Lockheed A-28 Hudson       Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter     See: KC-97
Lockheed A-29 Hudson       Boeing 314 C-98 Clipper 1939 1946  
Martin A-30 Baltimore       Convair C-99        
Vultee A-31 Vengeance       Northrop C-100 Gamma      
Brewster A-32 -       Lockheed C-101 Vega      
Douglas A-33         Rearwin C-102 Sportster      
Brewster A-34 Buccaneer       Grumman C-103        
Vultee A-35 Vengeance       Lockheed C-104        
North.American A-36 Apache       Boeing C-105        
Hugues A-37 D-2       Cessna C-106        
Beechcraft A-38 Grizzly       Stout C-107 Skycar      
Kaiser A-39         Boeing C-108 Flying.Fortress      
Curtiss A-40 XBTC       Consolidated C-109 Liberator.Express      
Vultee A-41         Douglas C-110        
Douglas A-42 Mixmaster     See: B-42 Lockheed C-111 Super.Elecgtra      
Curtiss A-43 Blackhawk     See: F-87 Douglas C-112        
Convair A-44       See: B-53 Curtiss C-113 Commando      
Martin A-45       See: B-51 Douglas C-114 Skymaster      
Attack   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes Douglas C-115 Skymaster      
Douglas A-1 Skyraider       Douglas C-116 Skymaster      
North.American A-2 Savage       Douglas C-117 Super.Skytrain      
Douglas A-3 Skywarrior       Douglas C-118 Liftmaster      
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk       Fairchild C-119 Flying.Boxcar      
North.American A-5 Vigilante       Fairchild C-120 Packplane      
Grumman A-6 Intruder       Lockheed C-121 Constellation      
Vought A-7 Corsair.II       Lockheed C-121F Super.Constellation      
MacDonnell AV-8 Harrier       Chase C-122 Avitruc      
Northrop A-9         Fairchild C-123 Provider      
Republic A-10 Thunderbolt.II       Douglas C-124 Globemaster.II      
Northrop A-18 Hornet       Northrop C-125 Raider      
Douglas A-26 Invader     (1966) Cessna C-126        
Embraer A-29 Super Tucano       Boeing C-127        
Cessna A-37 Dragonfly       Fairchild C-128 Flying.Boxcar      
Pursuit (extract)   1924 - 1948 Year Year Notes Douglas C-129 Super.Skytrain      
  ./..         Lockheed C-130 Hercules     See: KC-130
Lockheed P-38 Lightning       Convail C-131 Samaritan      
Bell P-39 Airacobra       Douglas C-132        
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk       Douglas C-133 Cargomaster      
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt       Stroukoff C-134        
North.American P-51 Mustang       Boeing C-135 Stratolifter     See: KC-135
Bell P-59 Airacomet       Fairchild C-136        
Curtiss P-60         Boeing C-137 Stratoliner      
Northrop P-61 Black Widow       Fokker C-138 = F27     not assighed
Bell P-63 Kingcobra       Lockheed C-139        
North.American P-64         Lockheed C-140 Jetstar      
Grumman P-65         Lockheed C-141 Starlifter      
North.American P-82 Twin Mustang       Vought C-142        
  ./..         Bombardier C-143 Challenger 604      
Fighters   1948 - 1962 Year Year Notes CASA C-144 Ocean.Sentry     CN235
Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star       PZL C-145 Skytruck     PZL M28
Republic F-84 Thunderjet       Dornier C-146       Dornier 328
McDonnell F-85 Goblin       Cargo   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes
North.American F-86 Sabre       Grumman C-1 Trader      
McDonnell F-88 Voodoo       Grumman C-2 Greyhound      
Northrop F-89 Scorpion       Martin C-3 4-0-4      
Lockheed F-94 Starfire       Gulfstream C-4 Gulfstream.I     Academe
North.American F-95         Lockheed C-5 Galaxy      
Republic F-96         Beechcraft C-6 Ute     U-21
Lockheed F-97 Starfire (F94C)       de Havilland Canada C-7 DHC4 Caribou     AC-1
Hughes F-98 Falcon missile       de Havilland Canada C-8 DHC5 Buffalo     AC-2
Boeing F-99 Bomarc missile       Douglas C-9 Nightingale      
North.American F-100 Super Sabre       Douglas C-10 Extender     See: KC-10
McDonnell F-101 Voodoo       Gulfstream C-11 gulfstream II      
Convair F-102 Delta Dagger       Beechcraft C-12 Huron      
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter       Boeing C-14 YC14      
Republic F-105 Thunderchief       Douglas C-15 YC15      
Convair F-106 Delta Dart       ?? C-16 ??      
McDonnell F-110 Spectre       Boeing C-17 Globemaster.III      
General.Dynamics F-111 Aardvark       Boeing C-18 707-320      
(captured aircraft) YF-112 Mig 21       Boeing C-19 747-100      
(captured aircraft) YF-113 Mig 23       Gulfstream C-20 Gulfstream.III      
(captured aircraft) YF-114 Mig 17       Gulfstream C-20 Gulfstream.III      
(captured aircraft) YF-115 Su-7       Gulfstream C-20 Gulfstream.III      
(captured aircraft) YF-116 Mig 25       Learjet C-21 Learjet.35      
  ./..         Boeing C-22 727      
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk       Short C-23 sherpa      
Lockheed F-117D Tacit Blue       Douglas C-24 DC-8F-54      
  ./..         Boeing C-25 747-200      
(captured aircraft) YF-118 Mig 29       Fairchild C-26 Metroliner      
Fighters   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes Alenia C-27 Spartan      
North American F-1 Fury       Cessna C-28 Titan      
McDonnell F-2 Banshee       BAE C-29 BAe125-800      
McDonnell F-3 Demon       Boeing C-32 757-200      
McDonnell F-4 Phantom.II       Cessna C-35 Citation.Ultra      
Northrop F-5 Freedom.Fighter       Gulfstream C-37 Gulfstream.V      
Douglas F-6 Skyray       Gulfstream C-38 Gulfstream.G100     IAI Astra SPX
Convair F-7 Sea Dart       Boeing C-40 737-700      
Vought F-8 Crusader       CASA C-41 Avviocar C212      
Grumman F-9 Cougar       EADS C-45 K-X looser      
Douglas F-10 Skynight       Boeing C-46 K-X winner      
Grumman F-11 Tiger       Tankers   1942 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Lockheed F-12         Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker      
Grumman F-14 Tomcat       Lockheed KC-130 Hercules 1962    
McDonnell F-15 Eagle       Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker      
General.Dynamics F-16 Fighting.Falcon       Douglas KC-10 Extender      
Northrop F-17 Cobra       Boeing KC-46 K-X winner      
Northrop F/A-18 Hornet       Observation     Year Year Notes
  F-19         Cessna O-1 Bird Dog     Ex-L-19
Northrop F-20 Tigershark       Cessna O-2 Skymaster     1967
IAI F-21 Kfir C2       Lockheed O-3 Quiet Star     1969
Lockheed F-22 Raptor       de Havilland Canada O-5 Dash 7     1975
Northrop F-23 Black Widow II       North American OV-10 Bronco      
  YF-24 Fiction/Classified?       Liaison   1942 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Lockheed F-35 Lightning.II       Stinson L-1 Vigilant      
Reconnaissance   1930 - >>> Year Year Notes Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper      
Fairchild F-1         Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper      
Beechcraft F-2 Expeditor     = C-45 Piper L-4 Grasshopper      
Douglas F-3 Havoc     = B-20 Stinson L-5 Sentinel     > U-19 (1962)
Lockheed F-4 Lightning     = P.38 Interstate L-6 Grasshopper      
Lockheed F-5 Lightning     = P.38 Universal L-7 Monocoupe      
North.American F-6 Mustang     = P.51 Interstate L-8 Cadet      
Consolidated F-7 Liberator     = B-24 Stinson L-9        
de Havilland F-8 Mosquito     = DH89 Ryan L-10        
Boeing F-9 Flying.Fortress     = B-17 Bellanca L-11        
North.American F-10 Mitchell     = B-25 Stinson L-12 Reliant      
Hughes F-11         Stinson L-13        
Republic F-12 Rainbow       Piper L-14 Cub      
Boeing F-13 Superfortress     = B-28 Boeing L-15 Scout      
Lockheed F-14 Shooting Star     = P.80 Aeronca L-16 Champion      
Northrop F-15 Reporter     = P.61 Ryan L-17 Navion      
Boeing F-16 Stratofortress     = B-52 Piper L-18 Super Cub      
Reconnaissance     Year Year Notes Cessna L-19 Bird Dog     >O-1 (1962)
North.American RS-70 Valkyrie     = B70 de Havilland Canada L-20 DHC2 Beaver     >U-6 (1962)
Lockheed RS-71 Blackbird     = SR71 Piper L-21 Super Cub     >U-7 (1962)
  A-12 Oxcart     Before SR71 Ryan L-22 Navion      
Lockheed R-1 Dragon Lady     (also: U-2) Beechcraft L-23 Seminole     >U-8 (1962)
  R-2         Helio L-24 Courrier     >U-24 (1962)
  TR-3A Black Manta     (possibly) McDonnell L-25       >XV-1 (1962)
  SR-3 Blackstar (space)     (possibly) Aero Design L-26 Commander     >U-4 (1962)
Bombers   1926 - 1962 Year Year Notes Cessna L-27       >U-3 (1962)
Boeing B-17 Flying.Fortress       Helio L-28 Super Courrier     >U-10 (1962)
Douglas B-18 Bolo       Utility   1955 - >>> Year Year Notes
Douglas B-19         de Havilland Canada U-1 DHC3 Otter      
Boeing B-20         Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady      
Douglas B-20 Havoc     See: A-20 Cessna U-3 Blue Canoe      
North.American B-21         Aero Design U-4 Aero Commander      
Douglas B-22         Helio Aircraft U-5 Twin Courrier      
Douglas B-23 Dragon       de Havilland Canada U-6 DHC2 Beaver      
Consolidated B-24 Liberator       Piper U-7 Super Cub      
North.American B-25 Mitchell       Beechcraft U-8 Seminole      
Martin B-26 Marauder       Aero Design U-9 Aero Commander      
Douglas B-26       See: A-26 Helio Aircraft U-10 Super Courrier      
Martin B-27         Piper U-11 Aztec      
North.American B-28 Dragon         ./..        
Boeing B-29 Superfortress       Grumman U-16 Albatross      
Lockheed B-30         Cessna U-17 Skywagon      
Douglas B-31         Ryan U-18 Navion      
Consolidated B-32 Dominator       Stinson U-19 Sentinel      
Martin B-33 Super.Marauder       Cessna U-20        
Lockheed B-34 Lexington       Beechcraft U-21 Ute      
Northrop B-35 Flying.Wing       Beechcraft U-22        
Convair B-36 Peacemakere       Fairchild U-23 Peacemaker      
Lockheed B-37         Helio U-24 Courrier      
Boeing B-38 Flying.Fortress       Dassault U-25 Guardian      
Boeing B-39 Superfortress       Cessna U-26 Skywagon      
Boeing B-40 Flying.Fortress       Cessna U-27 Caravan      
Consolidated B-41 Liberator       Pilatus U-28        
Douglas B-42 Mixmaster       ASW   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes
Douglas B-43 Jetmaster       // S1 //      
Boeing B-44 Superfortress       Grumman S-2 Tracker      
North.American B-45 Tornado       Lockheed S-3 Viking      
Convair B-46         V/STOL     Year Year Notes
Boeing B-47 Stratojet       Grumman V-1 Mohawk 1959   = OV-1
Martin B-48         de Havilland Canada V-2 DHC4 Caribou 1958    
Northrop B-49 Flying.Wing         ./..        
Boeing B-50 Superfortress       Hawker Siddeley V-6 XV-6A Kestrel 1964    
Martin B-51         de Havilland Canada V-7 DHC5 Buffalo 1961    
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress       Hawker Siddeley V-8 AV-8A Harrier 1967    
Convair B-53         Hughes V-9   1964    
Boeing B-54 Ultrafortress       North American V-10 Bonco 1965    
Boeing B-55         Marvel V-11   1965    
Boeing B-56         Rockwell V-12 XFV-12 1978    
Martin B-57 Canberra         ./..        
Convair B-58 Hustler       de Havilland Canada V-18 Twin Otter 1965    
Boeing B-59           ./..        
Convair B-60         Bell V-22 Osprey 1989    
Douglas B-66 Destroyer       Dominion V-23 Scount 1975    
Martin B-68         Experimental     Year Year Notes
Lockheed B-69 Neptune       North.American X-15        
North.American B-70 Valkyrie         ./..        
Lockheed SR-71 Black Bird       Martin X-24        
Bombers   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes AEW   1962 - >>> Year Year Notes
North.American B-1 Lancer       Grumman E-1 Tracer      
Northrop B-2 Spirit       Grumman E-2 Hawkeye      
Patrol     Year Year Notes Boeing E-3 Sentry      
Lockheed P-1 Harpoon 1944     Boeing E-4 Nightwatch      
Lockheed P-2 Neptune 1945     Windecker E-5 eagle      
Lockheed P-3 Orion 1959     Boeing E-6 Mercury      
Consolidated P-4 Privateer 1943     Northrop E-7 EC-18 ARIA      
Martin P-5 Marlin 1948     Northrop E-8 Joint Stars      
Martin P-6 Sea Master 1955     de Havilland Canada E-9 Widget      
Lockheed P-7 -     not built Boeing E-10 MC2A      
Boeing P-8 Poseidon 2009     Bombardier E-11 Global.Express      


List of US Naval Military Aircrafts (extract)
Airships   1922 - 1935 Year Year Notes Patrol   1923 - 1962 Year Year Notes
  ZR-1 USS Shenandoah       Boeing P1B Flying Fortress 1945 1945  
  ZR-2 R-38 Ship (UK)       Boeing P2B Superfortress 1944 1944  
  ZR-3 USS Los Angeles       Douglas P1D   193+ 193+  
  ZRS-4 USS Akron       Douglas P2D   1927 1927 =T2D
  ZRS-5 USS Macon       Douglas P3D   1935 1935  
Airships AEW 1952 - 1962 Year Year Notes Hall Aluminium P1H   1931 1931  
Goodyear ZWG         Hall Aluminium P2H   1931 1931  
Goodyear ZWN         Martin P1M   193+ 193+ =P1N
Airships Patrol 1947 - 1962 Year Year Notes Martin P2M   193+ 193+ =P2Y
Goodyear ZP1G         Martin P3M   193+ 193+  
Goodyear ZP1K         Martin P4M   1946 1946  
Goodyear ZP2K         Martin P5M Marlin 1948 1948 P-5 (1962)
Goodyear ZP3K         Martin P6M Sea Master 1955 1955  
Goodyear ZP4K         Martin P7M Sub Master      
Goodyear ZP5K         Naval Aircraft Factory P1N        
Goodyear ZP1M         Naval Aircraft Factory P2N        
Goodyear ZP1N         // P3N //      
Goodyear ZP2N         Naval Aircraft Factory P4N        
Airships Scout 1954 - 1962 Year Year Notes Sikorsky P1S        
Goodyear ZS1G         Sikorsky P2S        
Goodyear ZS2G         Lockheed P1V-1 Ventura      
Goodyear ZTG (Training)       Lockheed P1V-2 Harpoon      
Goodyear ZTL (Training)       Lockheed P2V Neptune     P-2 (1962)
AEW   1952 - 1962 Year Year Notes Lockheed P3V Orion     P-3 (1962)
Boeing P1BW Flying Fortress 1945 1945   Consolidated P1Y        
Grumman W1F1 Tracer 1958 1958 E-1 (1962) Consolidated P2Y   1929 1929  
Grumman W2F1 Hawkeye 1964 1964 E-2 (1962) Consolidated P3Y Catalina     =PBY
Vought W1U1 (project)       Consolidated P4Y Corregidor      
Lockheed W1V1 Warning Star     EC-121 (1962) Consolidated P5Y Tradewind      
Sikorsky HR2S-1W S56 Mojave 1958     Convair P6Y        
ASW   1946 - 1962 Year Year Notes Patrol Bombers   1935 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Grumman S2F1 Tracker       Boeing PB1B Sea Ranger      
Vought S2U1 (project)       Boeing PB2B Catalina     PBY by Boeing
Attack   1946 - 1962 Year Year Notes Boeing PB2B-2 Canso     PBY by Boeing
Douglas A1D Skyraider       North American PBJ Mitchell      
Douglas A2D Skyshark       Martin PB1M Mariner 1940 1940  
Douglas A3D Skywarrior     Bomber Martin PB2M Mars 1845 1845  
Douglas A4D Skyhawk       Naval Aircraft Factory PBN Nomad      
Grumman A1F Guardian       Lockheed PBO Hudson      
Grumman A2F Intruder     Bomber Sikorsky PBS        
North.American A1J Savage     Bomber Boeing-Canada PB2S Catalina      
North.American A2J Super Savage     Bomber Vickers PBV Catalina      
North.American A3J Vigilante     Bomber Consolidated PB1Y Catalina (PBY)     formerly P3Y
Martin A1M Mauler       Consolidated PB2Y Coronado      
Vought A1U Corsair       Consolidated PB3Y        
Vought A2U Cutlass       Consolidated PB4Y-1 Liberator      
Fighters   1922 - 1962 Year Year Notes Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer     P-4 (1962)
Curtiss F10C Helldiver       Scout   1922 - 1946 Year Year Notes
Curtiss F11C Goshawk       Curtiss 31 S1C   1923 1923  
Curtiss F12C Helldiver       Curtiss S2C   1933 1933  
Curtiss F13C         Curtiss S3C   1925 1925  
Curtiss F14C         Curtiss S4C Helldiver 1933 1933  
Curtiss F15C         Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk 1944 1944  
Douglas F3D Skynight       Curtiss SC-2 Seahawk 1944 1944  
Douglas F4D Skyray       Vought SU Corsair 1926 1926 =O2U
Douglas F5D Skylancer       Scout-Bomber   1934 - 1946 Year Year Notes
Douglas F6D Missileer       Brewster SB1A        
Grumman F2F         Brewster SB2A Buccaneer 1941    
Grumman F3F         Curtiss SB1C Helldiver 1938 1943 (biplane)
Grumman F4F Wildcat       Curtiss SB2C Helldiver 1943 >>  
Grumman F5F Skyrocket       Curtiss SB3C Helldiver (project)     (project)
Grumman F6F Hellcat       Curtiss SB1D Dauntless 1940 1959
Grumman F7F Tigercat       Douglas SB2D Destroyer 1943 1945  
Grumman F8F Bearcat       Grumman G14 SBF   1936 1936  
Grumman F9F Panther       de Havilland Canada SBF Helldiver 1943 >> =SB2C
Grumman F9F Cougar       Vought SB1U Corsair 1933 1933  
Grumman F10F Jaguar       Vought SB2U Vindicator 1937 1937  
Grumman F11F Tiger       Vought SB3U   1938 1938  
Grumman F12F         Canadian Car Foundry SBW Helldiver 1943 >> =SB2C
Goodyear F1G         Scout-Observation   1934 - 1946 Year Year Notes
Goodyear F2G Corsair       Curtiss SO1C Seagull 1935 1945 (biplane)
McDonnell F1H Phantom       Curtiss SO2C Seagull /   (biplane)
McDonnell F2H Banshee       Curtiss SO3C Seamew 1942 1945  
McDonnell F3H Demon       Vought SO2U        
McDonnell F4H Phantom II       Scout-Trainer   1939 - 1948 Year Year Notes
North American F1J Fury       Beechcraft SNB Navigator 1937 >> C-45 (1962)
General Motors F1M         Curtiss CW22N SNC Falcon 1942    
General Motors F2M Wildcat       North American SNJ Texan 1935 1995
General Motors F3M Bearcat       Vultee SNV Valiant 1940   =BT13
Ryan F1R Fireball       Torpedo Bomber   1935 - 1946 Year Year Notes
Ryan F2R Dark Shark       Douglas TBD Devastator 1937 1942  
Supermarine F1S Spitfire MkV       Grumman TBF Avenger 1942 1960  
Northrop F1T         General Motors TBM Avenger 1942 1960  
Northrop F2T Black Widow       Primary Trainers   1922 - 1948 Year Year Notes
Vought F1U         North american N1J   1936   =BT9
Vought F2U         Naval Aircraft Factory N3N   1936 1961  
Vought F3U         Stearman 75 N1S Kaydet 1936    
Vought F4U Corsair       Stearman 75 N2S Kaydet 1936   =PT13
Vought F5U Pancake       Timm N2T Tutor 1940    
Vought F6U Pirate       Consolidated N1Y   1926 1939 =PT1
Vought F7U Cutlass       Consolidated N2Y   1928   =PT6
Vought F8U Crusader       Consolidated N3Y   1926 1939 =PT3
Vought F9U Crusader III     Read: F8U-3 Consolidated N4Y   1931   =PT11
Lockheed F1V XFV       Trainers   1948 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Convair F1Y XFY Pogo       North american T1J Texan Variants // // SNJ-8
Convair F2Y Sea Dart     F-7 (1962) North american T2J Buckeye     T-2 (1962)
Helicopters ASW 1951 - 1962 Year Year Notes North american T3J Sabreliner     T39 (1962)
Bell HSL Bell 61 1957 1957   Lockheed TO-1 Shooting Star 1949   >T1V-1
Sikorsky HSJ S53 1948     Lockheed TO-2 Silver Star 1950   >T1V-2
Sikorsky HSS-1 Sea Bat 1954 1954   Temco 51 TT Pinto 1959 1960  
Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King 1959 1959   Lockheed T1V-1 Shooting Star 1949   =F-80C
Helicopters Observation 1944 - 1962 Year Year Notes Lockheed T1V-2 Silver Star 1950   =T-33A
Hiller HJ1 HO1E Hornet 1950 1950 =H-32 Lockheed T2V-1 Seastar 1957   T-1 (1962)
Gyrodyne HO1G Rotorcycle 1958 1958   Transport   1931 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Kaman HO1K Huskie 1952 1952 =H-43E Curtiss R2C        
Sikorsky HO1S R-4 Hoverfly 1942 1942 =H-04 Curtiss R3C        
Sikorsky HO2S R-5 Dragonly 1943 1943 =H-05/R-05 Curtiss R4C        
Sikorsky HO3S S51 Dragonly 1946 1946 =H-05 Curtiss R5C Commando 1941   =C-46
Sikorsky HO4S S55 Chickasaw 1949 1949 =H-19 Douglas R1D Dolphin 1931    
Sikorsky HO5S S52 -2 1950 1950 =H-18 Douglas R2D DC-2 1934    
Helicopters Trainer 1944 - 1962 Year Year Notes Douglas R3D DC-5 1940    
Sikorsky HNS R-4 Hoverfly 1942 1942 =H-04 Douglas R4D DC-3 1936   C-47 (1962)
Hiller HTE Raven 1947 1947 =H-23 Douglas R5D DC-4 1942   C-54 (1962)
Kaman HTK Huskie 1952 1952 =H-43E Douglas R6D DC-6 1947   C118 (1962)
Bell HTL Sioux 1945 1945 =H-13 Martin R1M 4-0-4 1952   C-3 (1962)
Helicopters Transp. 1944 - 1962 Year Year Notes Lockheed R1V Altair 1930    
Vertol HRB Sea Knight 1958 1958 =H-46 Lockheed 10 R2V Electra 1935    
McDonnell HRH   1954 1954 =H- Lockheed 10 R3V Electra 1936    
Piasecki HRP1 Rescuer 1945 1945 =H- Lockheed 14 R4V Super Electra 1937    
Piasecki HRP2 = 1945 1945 =H- Lockheed 18 R5V Lodestar 1940    
Sikorsky HR1S S55 Chickasaw 1949 1949 =H-19 (1962) Lockheed 89 R6V Constitution 1949 1953 2 aircrafts
Sikorsky HR2S S56 Mojave 1953 1953 =H-37 (1962) Lockheed 1049 R7V-1 Constellation 1951   C-121
Sikorsky HR3S S61 Sea King 1959 1959 =H-03 (1962) Lockheed 1249 R7V-2 Super Constellation 1954 1956 Turboprops
Helicopters Utility 1944 - 1962 Year Year Notes Lockheed R8V Hercules 1955   C130 (1962)
McDonnell HJH Whirlaway 1946 1946 =H- Stinson R1Q Reliant 1934    
Piasecki HJP Retriever 1948 1948 =H-25 (1962) Fairchild R2Q        
Sikorsky HJS S53 Sikorsky 1948 1948 =H- Fairchild R3Q Reliant      
Kaman HU1K Huskie 1952 1952 =H-43C (1962) Fairchild R4Q Flying Boxcar 1949    
Kaman HU2K Seasprite 1959 1959 =H-02 (1962) Consolidated R1Y Liberator Express 1942   C-87
Bell HUL Sioux 1945 1945 =H-13 (1962) Consolidated 89 R2Y Liberator Liner 1944   1 aircraft
Sikorsky HU1S Sea Horse 1954 1954 =H-34 (1962) Convair R3Y Tradewind 1956 1958  
Sikorsky HU2S Sea Guard 1958 1958 =H-52 (1962) Convair R4Y Samaritan 1950   C131 (1962)
Observation   1922 - 1962 Year Year Notes Utility   1931 - 1955 Year Year Notes
Elias EO         Noorduyn J1A Norseman 1935    
Keystone HO         Beechcraft 17 J1B Traveller 1933    
Martin M1O         Curtiss J1C Kingbird 1929    
Martin M2O         Douglas J1D Invader 1943    
Naval Aircraft Factory NO         Bellanca 31-40 J1E   1935    
Boeing O1B         Grumman J1F Duck 1935    
Boeing O2B         Grumman G15 J2F Duck 1936    
Curtiss O1C Falcon     =F8C Grumman G21 J3F Goose 1938    
Curtiss O2C Helldiver       Grumman G44 J4F Widgeon 1941    
Curtiss O3C Sea Gull       Stearman J1H   1934    
  ./..         Fairchild 45 J1K   1935    
Cessna OE       =O-1 (1962) Fairchild 24 J2K   1932    
  ./..         Columbia J1L   1946    
Vought O2U Corsair       Martin J1M Marauder 1941    
  O3U Corsair       Lockheed 12 J1O Electra Junior 1936    
  O4U Corsair       Fairchild FC-2 J1Q   1926    
  O5U         Fairchild 71 J2Q   1926    
Observation/Scout   1935 - 1945 Year Year Notes Waco J1W Model F 1930    
EDO Corp OSE         Waco J2W Custom Cabin 1935    
Naval Aircraft Factory OS1N         Utility   1955 - 1962 Year Year Notes
Naval Aircraft Factory OS2N Kingfisher       de Havilland Canada U1C DHC3 Otter     U-1 (1962)
Stearman OSS         de Havilland Canada U2C DHC2 Beaver //    
Vought OS1U Corsair       Grumman U1F Albatross      
Vought OS2U Kingfisher       Piper U1O Aztec      
            Lockheed U1V Hercules     C130 (1962)
            Utility-Transport   1935 - 1955 Year Year Notes
            Beechcraft 18 JR1B Expeditor     C-45
            Cessna JR1C Bobcat      
            Grumman G21 JR1F Goose 1938    
            Grumman JR2F Albatross 1949    
            Martin JR1M Mars 1949 1956  
            Sikorsky S43 JR1S   1934    
            Sikorsky S44 JR2S Excalibur 1942