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Retro Air Traiffic Group is a source for vintage flight plans, AFCAD files and resources for the Microsoft Flight Simulator since 2004

All their flight plans are meticulously developped using the finest tools and resources to ensure quality and realism.  Only two of their decades cover pages are reproduced here for reasons of convenience - please refer to the original website


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  Callsign Nation   Author
(Blank denotes RetroAI)
Aer Lingus (EIN) 1958 Shamrock Ireland Download Manuel Jagmann
Aeronaves de Mexico (AMX) 1957 Aeronaves Mexico Download Jason Krogmann
Air France (AFR) 1958 Air France France Download Manuel Jagmann
Alitalia (AZA) 1959 Alitalia Italy Download Manuel Jagmann
American Airlines (AAL) 1957 American USA Download  
Ariana Afghan Airlines (FGA) 1959 Ariana Afghanistan Download Manuel Jagmann
Avianca (AVA) 1957 Avianca Colombia Download  
Braniff Airways (BNF) 1959 Braniff USA Download  
British European Airways (BEA) 1956 Bealine United Kingdom Download Andrew Spallek
British Overseas Airways (BOA) 1958 Speedbird United Kingdom Download Manuel Jagmann
BWIA (BWA) 1958 West Indian Trinidad & Tobago Download Manuel Jagmann
Canadian Pacific (CPA) 1958 Empress Canada Download Manuel Jagmann
Capital Airlines (CPT) 1958 Capital USA Download Jason Krogmann
Continental Airlines (COA) 1958 Continental USA Download Jason Krogmann
COPA (CMP) 1957 Copa Panama Download  
Delta Air Lines (DAL) 1958 Delta USA Download Jason Krogmann
Dominicana (DOA) 1957 Dominicana Dominion Republic Download Jason Krogmann
Eastern Air Lines (EAL) 1957 Eastern USA Download Jason Krogmann
El Al (ELY) 1958 El Al Israel Download Manuel Jagmann
Iberia (IBE) 1958 Iberia Spain Download Manuel Jagmann
Japan Air Lines (JAL) 1959 Japanair Japan Download Manuel Jagmann
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) 1958 KLM The Netherlands Download Manuel Jagmann
LACSA (LRC) 1957 Lacsa Costa Rica Download  
LANICA (LCA) 1957 Lanica Nicaragua Download  
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LBS) 1957 Lloydaereo Bolivia Download  
Lufthansa (DLH) 1959 Lufthansa West Germany Download Manuel Jagmann
Mexicana (MXA) 1957 Mexicana Mexico Download Jason Krogmann
Middle East Airlines (MEA) 1958 Cedar Lebanon Download Manuel Jagmann
National Airlines (NAL) 1959 National USA Download Jason Krogmann
Northwest Airlines (NWA) 1957 Northwest USA Download Jason Krogmann
Pacific Southwest (PSA) 1956 PSA USA Download Andrew Spallek
Pan American (PAA) 1957 Clipper USA Download Jason Krogmann
Panagra Airways (PGI) 1957 Panagra USA Download Jason Krogmann
Panair do Brasil 1957   Brazil Download Manuel Jagmann
Piedmont Airlines (PAI) 1959 Piedmont USA Download  
Qantas (QEA) 1958 Qantas Australia Download Manuel Jagmann
Sabena (SAB) 1957 Sabena Belguim Download Manuel Jagmann
SAHSA (SHA) 1957 Sierra Hotel Honduras Download  
Scandinavian Air Service (SAS) 1959 Scandinavian Sweden Download Manuel Jagmann and Ake Lindberg
South African Airways (SAA) 1958 South African South Africa Download Manuel Jagmann
Swissair (SWR) 1957 Swissair Switzerland Download Manuel Jagmann
Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) 1957 Trans-Canada Canada Download Manuel Jagmann
Trans World Airlines (TWA) Updated 1958 Trans World USA Download Manuel Jagmann and Harlan Sandberg
United Airlines (UAL) 1958 United USA Download  
Western Airlines (WAL) 1958 Western USA Download