Preliminary Notes


2016.06.30 - Introduction

2016.06.30 - Free flight updated with the notion of "LL - Liaison & Leisure Aicrafts"

2016.06.30 - Airshow added


Atlantic Air Combat™ and aircraft portrayed in the game are inspired by real events and equipment but is nevetheless a fiction.  Historical events, borrowed from various conflicts are mixed with suppositions and inventions which are imagined by the authors.


With Atlantic Air Combat™ being an air combat game, there will be no lack of it, but it is the intention of AAC to illustrate a bit more about aviation in general and military aviation in particular.   In consequence, there will be a not insignificant part of the game devoted to non-combat missions, not forgetting the free flight option allowing players to enjoy the aircrafts types incorporated or imagined without any predators bringing trouble

Self-explanatory - but should be read as "no weapons", whichever type of aircraft used.  Anyone wishing to use weapons freely on a training range goes to the TRAINING mode.   While most aircrafts are available outright in free flight mode, an aircraft category is specifically dedicated to free flight :

  • Liaison & leisure aircrafts
    There aren't many but besides being specifically intended for free flights they also illustrate the so called "light aviation".  This particular category is made of two sub genres :

    • Light aircrafts (single and twin engined)

    • Sail planes

Learn how to use the means involved during missions

  • general aircraft handling (according to types)

    • from land bases

    • from an aircraft carrier

    • from sea surface (or lake or river)

  • navigation (going from A to C through B, following headings, speed and altitude, using AEW nav aids if necessary)

  • in-flight refueling

  • aerobatics (solo and with wingmen)

  • formation & airshow flying

  • combat air manoeuvres (air-to-air exclusively)

  • search-and-identify

    • search for surface targets, on land or at sea, pre-defined or not, and report the findings

    • search for submerged targets, and report the findings

  • use of "weapons"

    • air-to-air : intercept and shoot down an aerial drone

    • air-to-ground : deliver guided or non-guided weapons against pratice ground targets, including precise air dropping (re: SAR)

    • air-to-sea (ASS) : deliver guided or non guided weapons against sea surface practice targets, including precise air dropping (re: SAR)

    • air-to-submerged (ASW) : deliver guided or non guided weapons against submerged practice targets

  • reconnaissance : overfly a designated zone at a specified or non-specified altitude and speed, and and shoot the camera

Peforming low level aerobatics in the context of an airshow :

  • solo aerobatics, from take-off to landing :

    • solo free flight at the player's discretion

    • solo aerobatics respecting successive patterns chosen from a pre-defined list

  • formation aerobatics, from formation take-off to formation landing

    • formation aerobatics as a leader

    • formation aerobatics as a wingman respecting successive patters chosen from a pre-defined list

Mastering experimental aircraft(s) to match a specific peformance objective - achieving it opens the gate to end-of-game space flight

  • respecting a pre-described flight pattern to match an altitude goal, and bring the thing back on land (re: X-15)

  • respecting a pre-described flight pattern to match a max speed goal, and bring the thing back on land (re: X-15)

    • no other aircraft nor mission path identified at this stage

Abbrevieation : SAR.  To search for and rescue/assist casualties, with "assist" to be understood as one of the (non-exhaustive) expected results :

  • drop assistance within a certain radius of the identified casualty (life rafts at sea or parachuted cargo over land)

  • land (or sea-land) near casualties, pick them up and bring them back to safety, with or without facing opposition from land, air or sea

Transporting items or passengers to a given destination - includes transiting from a game are to another (free or limited choice of aircraft)

  • transporting passengers from A to B

    • MEDEVAC : flying from A to B to pick up casualties and brng them either to A or C
      Note : A, B & C could airports, a water surface or a rough terrain area.  These as distances are pre-defined, and thus influence aircraft choice

  • transporting freight from A to B, and flying back to A or C

  • paradrops : to deliver freight or commandos by air

  • tactical transport : land commandos on hostile airport, air base or unprepared terrain (may involve water surface)

Reconnaissance flight(s)

  • Photo-reconnaissance mission : to overfly a specified target area and bring back good "pictures"

  • Armed reconnaissance mission : to overfly a specified area, find target(s) of opportunity, take photos and score hits with whatever limited ordnance available

To patrol over or around friendly areas (country or aircraft carrier) - may or may not involve combat

  • Patrol - no known threats existing

    • CAP : Combat Air Patrol

    • MSR : Martime Surveillance and Reconnaissance  - include surface and sub-surface targets - may include SAR role (see below)

  • Interception : intercept and identify known threats or unidentified targets to be dealt with according to mission directives

    • AIR : intercept and identify undefined air intruder(s)

    • SEA : intercept and identify undefined surface (ASS) or sub-surface (ASW) intruders

OFFENSIVE To counter identified threats or attacks, patrol over hostile areas or attacking targets (defined or undefined)

  • INTERCEPTION : to intercept and shoot down identifed foes

  • CAP - Combat Air Patrol : to patrol near or over hostile areas, counter attacks on friendly forces, and obtain air superiority

  • CAS - Close Air Support : to patrol over a combat zone and respond to requests of assistance from friendly land forces (as directed by AEW)

  • ATTACK : to attack and destroy know targets (either on land or surface targets at sea)

    • defended and undefended targets (ports and airports, sea convoys, aircraft carriers, tanks concentrations, mine fields, industries, etc, etc

      • an anti-shipping mission should mimick the Fleet Air Arm tactics of the time (use of massive FFAR attack)

      • an anti-shipping (anti-harbour) mission should involve the use of ASS torpedoes

      • an anti-bridge/railways mission(s) should involve the exclusive use of unguided weapons

      • an anti-surface mission should be a dedicated straffing mission

    • there should be at least one specific carpet bombing mission
      Note : it means "heavy bombers", and more aircrafts than the usual 1+3, all in formation flying naturally after a rendez-vous, with or without aerial refueling depending the "combat zone"

    • there should be at least one mission with a nuclear profile (ie: long distance, specific target, heavy weapon, nuke available but that's a supid choice)

    • there should be a/several anti-dam mission(s) - the player WILL NOT be advised to use an ASS torpedo although that's the weapon of choice (and not many aircrafts are able to carry and launch such a thing) - I realize the solution will soon be tweeted

  • RHUBARB : to patrol over hostile territory, seek and destroy targets of opportunity

A single space mission at the end of the game, when the "war" is over.  NATO players use the Apollo, WAPA players use the Soyuz, NECO players have choice :

  • - launching with an Apollo space craft, reach and dock with Spacelab
    - undock from Spacelab, change orbit, reach and dock with with Saliut
    - undock from Saliut, precisely position the Apollo backward, timely fire the rocket engine for a safe landing at sea

  • - launching with a Soyuz space craft, reach and dock with Saliut
    - undock from Saliut, change orbit, reach and with with Spacelab
    - undock from Spacelab, precisely position the Soyuz backward, timely fire the rocket engine for a safe landing at sea