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Convair RB-36E Peacemaker

Last revised February 27, 2000

In early 1950, Convair began conversion of the B-36As to the reconnaissance configuration. Included in the conversions was the sole YB-36 (42-13571). These converted planes were all redesignated RB-36E. The six R-4360-25 engines were replaced by six R-4360-41s--the more powerful engines already installed in the B-36Bs. They were also equipped with the four J47 jet engines that were fitted to the RB-36D. They were equipped with fourteen K-17C, K-22A, K-38, and K-40 cameras. It also received some of the B-36B's more advanced electronics. Its normal crew was 22, which included 5 gunners to man the 16 M-24A-1 20-mm cannon. The last conversion was completed in July of 1951.