"Atlantic Air Combat" is the name of the projected flight/combat simulation game centered on a fictional WWIII in 1963 when USSR starts hostilities by invading the Aaland islands in the Baltic.   Some technical cheats will be incorporated in the game to make it more enjoyable - after all, it's only a game - together with a couple of historical facts being revisited.   Among them, the decision made by the USSR in the mid-fifties not to build CATOBAR aircraft carriers.

The game will thus encompass land and sea based air assets, cover a wide variety of missions (including ASW, SAR and transport) and most if not all missions will be playable either from a Warsaw Pact, NATO or Non-Aligned perspective.   And there will be a bit of education too...

At this stage, the present pages are only preliminary notes, technical or historical, on which the game itself will be based.   These are made available with an open mind - feel free to comment.   Several kinds of illustrations are used.   Some are prepared "in house" while others are borrowed.   Wherever possible, reference will be made to the author of these illustrations and to the source of information used.   Please review the acknowledgment part.