In the middle of the past century, events unfolded in a slightly different manner.   USSR went ahead with their own fleet of aircraft carriers, leading other countries to further increase their military posture, Sweden among others
Also, while some Southern Hemisphere nations might be claiming to be allied to their North American and European friends, one may cast some doubts about the reality of these allegeances
Then for reasons unknown, USSR and some of their closer allies decide to settle an old argument with Finland and embark to invade the Ňaland islands in the Baltic.
This unprovoked invasion of this autonomous if not independant islands makes European Non-Aligned nations to regroup in a coalition of their own, not willing neither to join nor to confront NATO
In return of NATO's involvement into the Baltic events, the Warsaw Pact decided to drive West in a direct confrotation with Western Europe and their allies
But with the most part of the Soviet Pacific Fleet not accounted for, the USA is reluctant to lower their stand on their own west coast but they can only look in vain for their opponent.   Where is it heading to ?
Starting in the Baltic Sea, a mid-1960s imaginary WWIII will take you from one Pole to the Other in a fierce Atlantic Air Combat involving most land, air and sea assets of the time.   You will fly these events either from a NATO, Warsaw Pact or Non Aligned perspective using a vast array of either land or sea based fixed wing aircrafts in an unprecedented variety of missions
Last but not least, instead of racing to the Moon, both the USSR and the USA poured their ressource into assembling space stations in Earth orbit   Shall you be granted a seat in a space craft ?