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Research for a Favicon

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Atlantic Air Combat Font

A specific font is designed for Atlantic Air Combat for branding purposes - it should be used on the top of each web page, as illustrated here, even if the size may vary.  It's made of capital letters only, numbers and perhaps special characters or symbols

The font is illustrated below with additional details.   The size shown is H=19 pixels illustrating "non bold" font

The font proportions are those illustrated : if H=19 then W=20.   So it's not square  A few digits have a special size :

the letter i if H=19  then  W= 4
the number 1 if H=19  then  W= 12

The kerning would be as folows (illustrated at the top of this page)

space between letter or numbers 0.25 x width of a letter or number - no special kerning for "i" nor "1", etc
blank space 1.00 x width of a letter or a nomber (without additional spacing)

Numbers are shown in two variants : "C" and "H" - one has to be abandoned

if we were to choos the "H" variant for numbers, the "9S" is better (it's an inverted 6 "H" looking nicer than the 9 "H" which has too small a head


Letters Correlation Comment Numbers Numbers
Variant C
Variant H
Variant S

bar is 1/19 below middle line - thickness = legs

  in the C variant, the middle line (ex:8) is centered

bar position centered
thickness = 0.75 leg or 1/1

    in the H variant, the middle line (ex:8) is offset by 1/19 toward the top
  legs not rounded        
  leg not rounded      
      if H variant, then the 9 "S" is better
  leg not rounded          
  leg not rounded          
  leg not rounded          
  leg not rounded          



Special Fraction Symbols

Numbers in AAC are usually expressed in decimals.   In some instances however fractional symbols are used which are not always available in the font generally used on these pages.  GIF images might be used to represent them; if not here are some background notes regarding their html code

FP Default Tahoma Arial Courier New Note
Fraction GIF
1/2 i Ordinary with FP2000
1/4 1



Special Fraction Symbols

Numbers in AAC are expressed in decimals.  In some rare instances however fractional symbols are used.  The below table shows them in the most common fonts used on these pages together with their html code.

> in several instances, fractions show correctly with IE6 but not with ... FP2K editor
> the first three fractions ( ) are standard default symbols with FP2K - their html code are ... unknown and thus not used in the table - OK with IE6

Fraction   html FP2K Tahoma Arial Courier New Courier
  code 8pt 10pt 10px 8pt 10pt 12pt 8pt 10pt 12pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt 8pt 9pt 10pt 11pt 12pt
1/4   ?...
1/2   ?...
3/4   ?...
1/3   ⅓
2/3   ⅔
1/8   ⅛
3/8   ⅜
5/8   ⅝
7/8   ⅞